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Bella had sleep most of the flight on the way home and i just woke her up to get off the plain and get our bags."edward is the family her to pick us up? I dont feel good." i look at bella and she looked fine to me. well ok dear alice should be here to pick us up.There she is i said pointed in the way that alice came throug the crowd. Bellaaaaaaaaa, she squilled. she picked bella up and spun her around then set her down on her feet. OH bella i missed you so much, how was it? Bella looked at me then at alice and said. It was so wonderful i loved it alice. so whos ready to go home and have some fun.I dont know alice i dont feel good right now. oh well lets get you home and see if dad can see whats worng with you. Alrighty lets go.We walked to the car with alice and before we knew it we were home. we walked in and alice told dad that bella didnt feel well to look at her.

~week later~

i was holding bella in my arms when she got up faster than ever and ran to the bathroom and throw up. i was holding her hair up for her till she finished. thanks honey, bella told me as she got up to wash her mouth and hands.i wonder if anyone has seen but bella looks like she is glowing. oh well i am probaly just tripen. bella come on lets take a warm bath maybe that will help your stomach some . ok sweetie bella told me as she brushed her teeth. we got in the tub and hellp wash each other and we washed eachother hair and just played around in the tub. then we heard alice to hurry up that she needs to see bella right away. ok hold on we told her. bella and i got out got dryed and went to put on some clothes. i didnt mean to say this out loud but bella looked even more butieaful than ever and thats what i told her."bella you look so butieaful today. She blushed and then looked sad and said "edward so i dont look butieaful to you everyday" and then she ran to the bed and began to cry. alcie though "edward what did you do?" I dont know what happen she was happy then sad give us a second we will be down so we can eat and then we will go with you. I got on the bed ith bella andheld her chin in my hand softly ans i stroked and wiped away her tears. " bella i didn mean it like that i think you look hot and sexy every damn day. But theres someting differnt about you today you look like your glowing and i am just drawn to you (they say prego women atract men lol) you are so butieaful and you look so fragel and i cant explain but i can show you" i told her. I leaned down and kissed bella and then you could say we got carryed away if you call me bucking and rotating my hip as bella told me dont stop and got aroused then yea. when we got done playing around we got a call."hello?" i said "edward son bellas food is going to get cold soon is bella alright alice old us that something was worng with bella this morning?' "umm yea we are on the way she is feeling much better now " i said as bella moaned my name and then growel in my ear tell you mom sorry but we wont make it for breakfast but maybe dinner she said as she began to unbotton my shirt.All i could do was just look at bella because she has never acted like this before. Belaa took the phone and told my i mean our mother that we wouldnt make it but would maybe be by for dinner to call around 7pm then she hung up. she kissed me and took off my clothes faster than she has ever done and then started on her i came back and help her take the off well i kinda ripped them some and then we mad love like never before i didnt know what time it was all i knew was that i don know what i was just so bissled out right now. when we finished around 7 i was in aww at this we had made love for 3 hours and that was unlike bella alot. when we finished bella was still wanting more and kissing me."bella dear we have to get ready to go to the main house for dinner." i wispered in her ear as i pressed agint bella body once more before rolling over. bella looked at me like she was seeing things then i saw that i had broken the bed and bitten a pillow again. She smiled at me and i smiled at her as we shared our moment together. "well mr.cullen i see you had fun"she said and smiled at me. "get over here" i said as i pulled her body to mine. I did bella i hope you did to" i told bella. she said "well let me show you "as she pushed me onto my back ."bella dear we have to go for dinner or we will be late what about late" i said as i winked and kissed her nose."pleaseeee!" she said as she made the cutest puppy dog face."aww bella we dont we will have time tonight ok?" i said to her as i stode up."fine edward she said but you better finish what you .started she said and went to start our shower. i stood there shocked and wonding all at the same time. bella had never acted this would but i loved it and oh well i loved it.

~~main house~~

when we walked in the door at 7:30 mom had started dinner and emmet and rose were on the couch watching tv. jasper and alice were on the love seat and i gusses carlisle was in his office.then emmet said something like"umm wonder what took them so long?" and smiled. Rose hit him on the back of his head and we all laughed at that. then jasper said "Man bella your emotions are going a mile a miunte there missy."I just looked at jasper as he though to me,"whats worng with bella?" i just shrugged my sholders and lead bella to the kicthen. " bella love i am going to go and talk to jasper i will be back soon." i said as i grab bellas waist and kissed her cheek."alright honey thats fine just come back to me." she said with love in her eyes"alway love always"i said and then me and jasper went out side to talk about what he had stated to me earlier."well edward one person cant have that many emotions at once""well maybe you were getting my emotions too?" maybe or maybe not." what do you mean japer maybe or maybe not?" "well maybe your right i'm sorry." it's ok bro lets go inside."

bella pov

Jasper and edward had gone outside for some reason i dont know why.But i knew that this food did smell good. As soon as esme turned her back i went and grabed a pieces of bread and but some pot roast on it and started to wolf it down."bella dear ? what are you dong?" Esme said as walked over to see what i was doing. "huh" i said as i turned my head grining because i had been caught with food all over my mouth.(back up plan with j low)"Dear are you all right Bella you seem pertty hungry is edward feeding you?" she said looking at edward as he wraped his arms around my stomach. "mom thats a silly question of coruse i feed bella all that she needs and more". he told heDr as he squzzed my hips. I smiled at esme and she said "alright dear here you go" she hand me a napkin to wipe my mouth. well i eat and then when it was dinner time for me i eat again.Everyone at the table just looked at me the hole time as i eat 3 bowl of stew and ask for another with bread again.as edward gets up carlisle aske me"bella are you ok you are eatting more than i have ever seen you eat before ." i dont know carlisle i say as edward set another bowl in front of me."umm ok i think i am going to be sick i say" oh wait nevermind just gas" i say and finish off the bowl of stew. "awww edward i am so tried now please help me wash this and then i need to go to sleep," i said standing up. i finished washing dishes and was laying on the couch with edward and i could tell they were all tense but i dont know why so i just desied to take a nap. and the lat thing i remember was begin ladyed on something soft and warm.


i had picked bella up and laid her down on the bed to rest because she had fell asleep on my lap on the couch watching a movie with the family.As i was walking out of the room and got to the door i heard something say,"Daddy?!"

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