Chapter 2- Reunion

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Sayuri arrived in Kyoto for 2 days. She didn't even took a break for her journey. She then saw the headquarters of the Shinsengumi. She then went to the main gate and saw a guy who is familiar to her

" Souji" she shouted. The guy named Souji turned around and spotted her.

" Nice to see you again, Sayuri-chan" he grinned. She then went inside and walked towards him and his men

" It's nice to see you too. I cna't belive this place is a bit big. And mostly, l can't believe you actually copied Kondou-san's hairstyle" she then ruffled his hair, he then qucikly fixed his messed up hair.

" Thanks for ruining my hairstyle" Souji said sarcastically.

" Still the same person who sometimes acts like a brat" she said and stick her tongue out.

" I don't act like a brat anymore" Souji whined. Sayuri just gigled at Souji's behavior. She stopped laughing when she felt an arm around her neck.

" Still the same Sayuri since I left the dojo back in Edo" the person said.

" Still the same person, who likes geiko to brothel you. You know, I can still smell some sake from you" she said to him. She swatted Shinpachi's arm and walked a bit away from him. She then felt a thing or someone behind her. She then looked up and saw Harada looking down at her.

" Well, is in it little Sayuri" Harada said sarcastically with a cheeky grin.

" I am not little. I'm only by the height of your chest. But that doesn't count that I'm little, Harada" she shouted at him and walked to Souji.

" I still count your height little" Harada snickered. Sayuri pouted and Souji chuckled

" They're still mean to me" she muttered. She then heard a familiar voice behind her. When she loked to that person, she was happy.

" Uncle Kondou" she called him. He then looked at her and smiled.

" Well, I'm glad to see my daughter arrived safely from Edo. I hope that you didn't cause any trouble" Kondou said to Sayuri.

" Yes, I didn't cause any trouble" Kondou nodded.

" That's good to know. So, why won't we speak some where that is more private than getting loud here outside. Souji, don't forget to do your patrol around town" he then went inside one of the room.

" So close for skipping it" Souji muttered. Sayuri then looked at him

" Have a safe trip back" she said then smiled at him. Souji patted Sayuri's head and left with his troops.. Everyone went inside the room, followed lastly is Sayuri. She then saw a girl wearing boyish clothes.

" You must be Chizuru Yukimura" Sayuri said. The said girl stared at her.

" Yes and you must be Sayuri Mitsukuni" Sayuki nodded.

" I want to thank you personally for replying on my letters. I guess those guys got really busy on their work" Sayuri said to Chizuru

" They're really hard working. I'm going to bring some tea for everyone"  Chizuru said to Sayuri and walked past her. Sayuri called her back.

" How about I help you out ?" Chizuru looked at Sayuri and shooked her head.

" You don't have to. Your our guest and I think you have lots to talk about. I'll call Hijikata-san, Heisuke-kun and Saito-san about your arrival" Chizuru bowed, Sayuri bowed back. Chizuru then continued walking. Sayuri then went inside the room and closed the sliding door.

" What took you so long ?" Shinpachi asked, acting like a little kid

" Well I saw Chizuru and we talked a bit. She also said that she's gonna call the others and bring us some tea" she said whil seating down beside Harada.

" She really is a ice girl to help us out here at the Shinsnegumi headquarters" Kondou said, all of them nodded, as a sign that they agree.


After a couple of minutes, Heisuke arrived with Saito behind him.

" Glad to see you again, Yuri-chan" Heisuke greeted

" Konnichiwa, Sayuri" Saito said

" It's good to see the both of you. Mostly you, slow poke" she said the last part to Heisuke.

" I am not a slow poke" Heisuke yelled at her.

" Yeah right, i still remember that I stole your fish. You were about to grab it on my tray. But you stopped when you saw Shinpachi stole your rice and didn't got it back because we already finished it" Harada and Shinpachi snickered. Heisuke glared at her. Heisuke closed his eyes and smirked

"Yet, your still the annoying girl to me" Heisuke said to Sayuri, she giggled. Heisuke then sat between Shinpachi and Saito. Hijikata then arrived with Chizuru. She then gave each person their tea. Chizuru was about to leave but Sayuri called her back.

" Why won't you stay for a while ?" Sayuri asked.

" Well I still  a lot of things to do" Chizuru answered

" I  can help you out with the chores that this guys gave you" Sayuri was about to stood up but she was stopped by Chizuru.

" No it's okay. I already told you, your our guest" Chizuru smiled

" Can we talk some other time then ?" Chizuru nodded. Chizuru bowed to everyone and left

" Your still helpful as usual, Sayuri" Hijikata said after sipping his tea.

" Well I'm the one who keeps doing the chores with Souji when we were kids. While you didn't do anything to help us out. Only in our trainings" Sayuri said

" Are you trying to annoy me ?" Hijikata looked pissed off.

" What do you think ?" Sayuri smirked. Hijikata stood up and walked towards her. Her then smacked Sayuri's head.

" What was that for ?" she asked angrily while her hands are on top of her head because of the pain.

" You know what that was for" Hijikata smirked and sat beside Kondou.

" Oh right. Sorry if I forgot" Sayuri said sarcastically. Everyone then burst into laughter. Somone then slide the door open.

" Oh your having fun without me"

" Souji, your back so soon. Did you quickly did yur patrol ?" Kondou asked him, Souji shooked his head.

" I only did my patrol for 5 minutes. Then all of my troops to head back than keeping my girlfriedn wait too long. I keep on insisting them that I will continue to do my patrol but then that's that. I'm not going to explain anymore" Souji half explained while seating beside Sayuri.

" Girlfriend ? You don't even HAD a girlfriend" Heisuke said while raising a brow.

" Maybe your troopd thought that Sayuki's your girlfriend" Shinpachi then laughed

" Well that sort of stupid" Sayuri said and looked away from Souji and Shipachi, hiding her pink cheeks.

" Are you sure that the both of you are in a relationship in secret ?" Harada looked at Sayuri with a smirk

" No we are not. I'm just his best friend and that's that" Shinpachi, Harada and Heisuke laughed at Sayuri's flustered face. Hijikata clered his throat, all eyes on him except for Kondou.

" Sayuri..."

"Yeah ?"

" Are you still an expert in sword fighting ?" Hijikata asked, Sayuri nodded.

" I'm still good in sword fighting. Even though my skill is a bit rusty" Hijikata nodded

" Why won't we spar then" Saito suggested

" Eh, good idea, Hajime-kun. After your spar with Sayuri-chan, it will be my turn" Souji said while crossing his arms

" If Sayuri agreed" everyone then looked at her. Sayuri looked at evreyone and sighed

" Looks like I don't have a choice" she muttered

" Fine, I will spar with both of you" Souji and Saito smirked at each other

'  I just hoped that they will take it easy on me' she murmured quietly so no one can hear and slumped on her seat

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