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Jace's p.o.v

Jace? What are you doing on my phone?
She snatched the phone out of my hands and looked at the message.
I..I.just heared it ringing...sorry.. I say to her sheepily.
So you just read my messages? She was pointing at the phone like that was the one to blame. Sorry Lena..
What did you do you jerk? Now she's mad at you!
Who's is this guy? And why didn't she told you about him?

Lena.. Pease don't be mad at me... But who's Blake?
Is he your boyfriend?
No! He's not! If he was, I would tell you prick! She stormed to her room. I ran after her but she slammed the door in my face. I knock on te door. Lena? I didn't want to upset you. Lena? Can you please open the door?

Lena's p.o.v

I locked the door and sat down on the floor. There is something up with him... I just know it. He is acting so weird but he just won't tell me.. Why is he checking my phone anyways? I can't be mad at him for just checking my phone.. The tears started to roll down my face. Jace isn't who he was anymore.. Lena? Are you crying? Let me in! Lena please let me in I beg you... I unlocked the door and Jace immediately took me in his arms. What's wrong with you.. I whisper in his chest. Tell me..

Boboo..... I just can't

Yes you can!

I need time Lena..

For what? My voice was about to crack and I felt dizzy.

Oh no, I haven't eaten much since tomorrow... Suddenly, everything went black and the only thing I remember was Jace his voice screaming my name...

* 2 hours later *

Jace: No I didn't.. Yes I love you. Ofcourse! I would never cheat on you. Yes see you soon. Love you to. Then he hung up.

I held my eyes closed, pretending I was still not awake. I was confused about his conversation with this mysterious person. He whisperd but I could hear him clear enough to understand what they were saying.

Jace kissed me on the forehead. And he whisperd: Goodbye leen...

When I heard the door close and I was sure he was away, I opened my eyes. I was laying on my bed with a blanket on me. What was happening?

A/N: Heeyy! Do you like it😏❤ I'm really busy lately, so I'm not sure if I can update every day💪 But I'll try😆

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