Noodle soup

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The air was filled with wretched dog barks echoing throughout the many alleyways in the Filth neighbourhood. Brick walls cried tears of moisture from the humidity lingering from the storm that never happened. A narrow alleyway was lit up by dozens of small stalls and restaurants with dirty signs hanging over head. Splashes could be heard as a bony man hurriedly walked along not bothering to dodge the puddles of oil and waste.  He kept patting down the old grey sportsman jacket he wore that was far too big swaying over a white stained shirt and black tracksuit pants; he briefly paused to see an elderly lady place a bowl of bile down in the gutter for a feral dog. His stomach grumbled as he continued and caught whiffs of wonderful Thai food cooking. 

The end of the alley was near - the biggest restaurant had come into view at the front a row of motorbikes were parked and a young boy was kneeling down cleaning them all with a rag as the bony man approached, the young boy looked at him and nodded; he got to his feet and walked away. A group of men sat at the front laughing loudly over the clanging of glass and cheering as they looked onto the football playing live on a small television sitting on an old table that now had milk crates acting as the legs. The man reached into his jacket as he approached and closed his eyes for a split second as he gripped firmly onto a nine millimetre and aimed it at the fattest of the group.  

Sweat trickled down his face as the men roared with laughter; still unaware of his presence. The fat man dug into his bowl of noodles and gulped it down like a horse. His gold chain dipped into the bowl of noodle soup he held beneath his chin with one hand, and food spilt onto his jacket as he was startled by a whistle. 

The nine millimetre let out a deafening bang as it let out shots into the fat man, one in the eye, and another in the throat. Men scrambled for cover, some ran directly to their bikes while others searched for their weapons - the shooter let off a couple of more shots one direct into a fleeing mans leg dropped him instantly. Another who had managed to retrieve a shot gun - took a bullet to the forehead. Blood decorated the dirty area and the bony man took flight down another alleyway and disappeared amongst the hustle and bustle. 

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