Welcome to Ollibear

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Welcome (back) to Ollibear

If you read Definition: Slut back in 2011/2012 at the time I was still in the process of writing it, then this shouldn't come to a surprise to you. You should have expected this. To all new readers: hi. Sorry. Oops. I'm doing a rewrite of this novel.

But don't worry, nothing much changed. I will be (not up yet but will be within the next day or so ) placing a summary at the top of each chapter of what happened the previous chapter if you don't want to read the whole thing. I will also write a separate chapter solely for the purpose of having a summary ( called / break / ) at the end of the rewritten chapters if you don't want to read the summary in separate chapters.

I tend to do this when I read my work and think: oh, fuck. This is shit, which I'm sure, many of you started thinking as well.

So to end my misery (and I'm sure, yours), I've rewritten and improved Ollibear (I was SO close to renaming it as OlliBAE with no caps. I still dont have a proper title for this book). This version is less shit and less fillers with more like a Def: Slut pace and tone. But also more mature. Because grown ups are mature. This was somewhat the reason of the somewhat delay of my somewhat updates.

I hope you do enjoy these new chapters were a lot less boring to write. Let me know if you liked the previous once and I'll upload those separately for you guys in a different novel.


A playlist is apparently a thing now so to keep up with you guys, here's a list of songs I had on repeat while writing:

Oh Calamity | All Time Low

Last Kiss | Taylor Swift

Memory | Sugarcult

Fall For You | Secondhand Serenade

Infinity | One Direction

Cross My Heart | Marianas Trench

Perfect | Hedley

Thunder | Boys Like Girls


I'll be leaving the older version at the end of the new chapters so if you guys want to compare and laugh at how crap the first version is, be my guest. I'll remove them within the next week or so.

Let me know what you guys think! It makes me happy when you tell me how great I am.

Just kidding. You don't have to praise me. I already do that too much.

In fact, you guys should just compliment each other.

x grace

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