Chapter Twenty-Three: Let's Have Some Fun, Shall We?

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I slowly turned my head to the right where the homeless man was at. His mouth smeared with blood, his teeth all red, smiling.

I nodded slowly, "O-okay."

He smiled bigger.

"You're not going to eat us, are you?" Kate asked, flat-out.

The homeless man looked thoughtful for a minute, like he was actually considering eating us.

Then he said, "No." and smiled once again.

Even bigger this time.

"Then why do you keep smiling so creepily?" once again, Kate, who is obviously not afraid to ask some questions that might come off offensive.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know I was doing that." he looked sad.

Kate looked guilty for a minute. The man started to crawl towards us.

"Go, go." I whispered, pushing Alyce up.

The three of us stood up and rounded the corner as casually as we could.

"Bye!" the homeless man smiled.

"Bye..." we all muttered, not looking back.


"I feel bad now, he was being nice. Kind of." Alyce said, looking at her hands.

I looked down at the sidewalk, swinging my feet while sitting on a bench in front of an ice-cream parlor. Not smart for a bunch of hungry teenagers.

"Eh. I'm bored now. Wanna open that thingy?" Kate asked.

"I don't think that would be the brightest idea, Kate." I said, looking up.

I squinted my eyes, the sun shining my way. The irony.

"Why not?"

   "This thing...we don't know what it really holds. For all we know, that crazy Sadden guy takes all the little genetic modified kids and makes them show off their talents, then it gets transferred to this little thermos-like thing. This-oh, wait. It says the name: Capture 0025. Ha-ha. Look at that.

"Anyways, it might have all of the past talents from modified kids. Including ours. This Capture 0025 could explode a building possibly." I finished.

Kate sighed, "Let's go terrorize people then."

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused.

"You know when Alyce was scaring old people and babies?" Kate tried to jog my memory.

Alyce's face lit up, "O-o-oh, I remember that."

Alyce smiled evilly.

"Yeah, so...what about it?"

"Let's go to a store and...well, just follow me, okay?" Kate standed up and started walking towards a grocery store.


"I'm not so sure of this." I worried.

"Really, Kat? Really? You practically kill people, and you don't want to go scare people?" Kate asked a rhetorical question.

"Well, I didn't kill them." I put my hands up.

"Whatever." Kate smiled, "Come on."

"Fine," I laughed.

Kate pulled me through the doors of a grocery store with Alyce behind me. Alyce was going to have fun with this by the looks of her face. Her whole face was lit up like a Christmas tree and she was bouncing up and down.

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