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'Come here kitten' a deep voice purrs from across the room. I gasp and turn to see him lounging back against the lush sofa with his long muscular legs spread out wide on either side of him.

Hmm very inviting.

I chance a few steps towards him but as I get closer I begin to feel my breath quicken and I stop, locking my knees to stop from falling to the floor. All the while his smouldering gaze caresses me from head to toe in appreciation. When I glare he finally meets my eyes, his twinkling slightly with amusement. Raising one eyebrow he waits patiently.

'What do you want?' I try for demanding but my voice comes out a humiliating whisper. This seems to please the devil because he smiles in satisfaction, stretching his legs out further and leaning back.


Ignoring the heat that's slowly creeping in between my legs I scoff in frustration at the both of us. God, he had his tongue up another girls thing the last time I came in here. I should be appalled at the ability for his dick to start up again so quick. But here I am secretly wanting to satisfy myself .. and him, as humiliating as that is.

Too bad my pride keeps me a self-regulating and independent woman.

'I didn't come here to exchange pleasantries. If this has nothing to do with work-'

He gets up and stalks towards me and I pause only for a second '-and if you think I'm an idiot then I have no business being here.' I finish off my little sass statement and look up into his eyes. We're inches apart now, his lean figure stood confidently before me.

He crosses his arms and stares down at me. The silence amplifies my ragged breaths and I think it's my cue to leave but he speaks-

'Are you done?'

I glare at him mutely, no point trying to get anything into that thick skull but I can't move. Something inside me has me rooted to this one spot.

Slowly he leans forward and drags a lazy finger down my arm, sending a shiver of excitement to course through me. My brain shut off and all I see is the beautiful man in front of me. Men like this made people like me question God, like seriously why was he not fair when he made the rest of us?

His eyes are hooded heavily with lust and his mouth open slightly as he presses himself against me.

'Are you wet baby?'

I feel myself being pushed against the wall, his erection pressed hard against my stomach. I let out a whimper as his lips collide with mine and his tongue seduces me. His left hand clasps my leg and wraps it behind him, around his ass, the angle making me very aware of the length of his cock against me.

I rub against him frantically, my hands in his hair, pulling his face to my neck where he sucks and nips at my skin.

'Tell me. Are you wet?'

'Yes' I whisper with my eyes closed and my lower lip clasped in between my teeth. Oh. He feels so good like this.

I hear him growl and his free hand pushes up my dress, fisting my panties and tearing them off in one go. I feel his thumb massage my core as he plunges two thick fingers inside me. I cry in need. This is what I needed. This is why I stay.

'Ahh Aiden, please' I look into his eyes, my mouth open in awe as I choke on my pleasure. He looks right back, his look intense, as if he's trying to capture this moment for the rest of his life. His fingers continue to push in, out, in, out.

Leaning into me his voice is in my ear as he grunts - you don't lie do you kitten. Mm so. fucking. wet for me.'

His pants get louder while his fingers begin to move at incredible speed. I feel myself tighten around his fingers as he adds another one. 'Ohh yess.' My voice is a purr.

'That's it. Come. Come for me. I'm gonna make that pussy come all over my fingers. Shit.'

I convulse, my body shaking at the force of it all. And he holds me protectively in his arms as he undoes me.

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