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Marinette walked to school the next day with more talk about 'being careful' from her parents. Marinette looked both ways before crossing the street but noticed that to her left there was a white van with the logo 'Leo's Arts and Crafts' on the side. There was a figure inside in the drivers seat. Watching her. The driver shifted the gears and turned the van the opposite direction and drove away rather quickly.
'Something wrong about that'
Marinette thought to herself, but the van was forgotten as soon as her friend Alya yelled at her from across the street to hurry up.

"That was the worst history lesson I've ever had to endure."
Alya complained as Marinette pushed open the bakery doors.
"What really stunk was how Chloe kept insulting Miss Bustier about her teaching skills. Chloe has no right to say anything since she didn't go to college for 4 years."

"Yeah Chloe is such a pain."
Alya continued to talk but Marinette stopped listening when she noticed the white van across the street. The driver switched gears and once again drove off.

Marinette was eating dinner with her parents when the news boomed with footage of a new akuma. The akuma was dressed in a medieval like dress and was talking about how she was the best history teacher any students could have. And as usual, Chloe was the target of the akuma.
"Oh! Mama Papa! I just realized I have history homework! Im going to do that right away!"

"Okay sweetie! Call me if you need any help!"

"Thanks Mama!"
Marinette said over her shoulder as she ran up the steps and into the hatch that led to her room.
"Time to save Paris again Tikki!"
Tikki nodded her head
"Tikki, Spots On!!!"

The akuma took longer than usual to defeat and Ladybug noticed that it was dark out when she finally cleansed the akuma. Miss Bustier returned to her normal form and Chat and Ladybug did their usual fist bump. Ladybug heard the familiar beep of warning and began to head towards her home. But she was to far away to make it back before the transformation began and ducked in an alley before anyone saw her. Tikki groaned and fell back into Marinette's purse.
"Im sorry Tikki! I forgot to pack a cookie! Ill fix you up as soon as we get home."

"Hm thats okay Mari... I'm fine...zzzzzz"
Marinette giggled at the sleeping Kawmi. She checked her phone and was surprised to see it was midnight. Mari quickly started walking and tried to decipher where she was. Marinette saw the familiar boarding school she attended and began walking in that direction.
Marinette gasped as she quickly turned around but saw nothing. She began to walk again only quicker.
Tap tap tap
She heard footsteps behind her and she peeked over her shoulders and saw a man walking not to far behind. She began to panic when he suddenly turned toward one of the shops and pulled out a key then entered. Mari let out a sign.
"Your just being paranoid! Calm down! He just had to go into his shop. Probably forget something thats all."
Marinette started to relax when she noticed a white van with the logo 'Leos Arts and Crafts' parked next to her parents bakery. As she made her way to the front door of the bakery she kept her eyes on the van and found that the driver was not inside. She heard something shift behind her and she felt something hard hit the back of her head. Then the world went black.

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