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"These disappearances are starting to worry me Chat. Three girls have gone missing and the police found one of the bodies this morning."

"The police don't have any leads, I talked with the chief and he says that their only clue is that the body had a porcelain doll laying next to it. Her father said that he has no idea what the doll is since his daughter didn't like dolls or owned any."

"Strange. Well be on the look out for anything like that."
Ladybug threw her yo-yo toward a far off building, ready to go home and rest, when Chat touched her shoulder.
"Please be careful, My Lady."
Chat looked so serious.
"Of course. Until next time."
I waved and pulled on my yo-yo and felt my feet leave the ground as I bounded towards home. When I was a few blocks away, I landed in an alley to detransform.
"Looks like we have work to do."
A tiny voice whispered from my purse.
"Yeah, i hope we can find the other two girls in time."

"We dont know if those cases are connected yet, they could be fine."

"Or they could be in serious danger."
I wished i had detransformed closer to home. I still had 4 blocks to go. Suddenly, a soft thud landed behind me and I let out a small gasp.
"What are you doing out here walking by yourself!"

"I-I was just..."

"It doesn't matter what you were doing! Why are you by your self? Did you hear the news story this morning!"
I turned around to find Chat glaring at me with his hands on his hips. I couldn't help but smile at his sassy pose.
"Im only a couple of blocks away from home. No big deal."

"Yes its a big deal! What if something happened to you Princess? What would I- your parents do if they lost you!"

"Oh Kitty. Nothings going to happen to me!"

"Well im walking you home. Just to make sure you get home safely."

"Okay Kitty."
Chat began walking next to me. I matched his pace as he stiffly walked towards the bakery. He seemed to lose his seriousness as he took my hand and began to swing our arms back and forth.
"Ya know, besides the fact that you put yourself in danger. This is actually really peaceful."
I rolled my eyes but didn't let go of his hand. I didn't want to let go. When we arrived at my house, chat insisted that he take me to my balcony.
"No. Ill be fine walking up the stairs."

"Nope. I need to know your safe before i let you out of my sight."
Chat winked at me and picked me up bridle style. Chat jumped and I held on a little tighter because i knew how reckless chat could be.
"Don't worry Princess. I would never drop you. I promise."
Chat gently let me down but didn't quite let go of my waist. My heart was beating in my chest so loudly that i worried that Chat could hear it. He smiled at me and i felt something tug at my memory.
"Chat I-"
I stopped myself from asking if I knew him in civilian form. That was not something I should be asking or wondering about. Chat seemed to understand that I wasn't going to continue.
"Goodnight Princess."
Chat pulled away and jumped off the balcony and ran away, probably toward his own home. I felt cold without him there. I slipped into my room and stumbled around until I found my bed. I fell onto the bed and immediately went to sleep.

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