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A Found Gettysburg Address

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Four more and eight years ago,

My mother brought forth upon this world

A joyful baby girl.

Conceived in faith,

And dedicated to the proposition

That all baby girls

Are beautiful.

Now we are engaged

In a great society,

Testing whether that girl,

Or any girl,

So conceived

And so dedicated

Can long endure.

We are met

On a great battlefield

Of strength and courage.

We have come

To dedicate a portion

Of our future

To the cheers

For all the beautiful babies.

In hope

That they may live,


It is altogether

Fitting and proper

That we do this.

The brave girls

Living and thriving

Who have struggled

Add a certain

Magic and hope

To our future.

The world

Will little note,

Nor long remember

What I have said


But it can never forget,

Nor dismiss

What they will accomplish.

It is for us

The living

To finish the work left

By those who bravely advance

To the highest ranks

And it is our hope

That they will lead us

With inspiring knowledge.

It is for us to be here


To the great task

Remaining before us

Beckoning us forward.

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