"Alright, I'll do it."

Stiles had to have jumped nearly 50 feet in the air from the shock that (a) someone had just agreed to have sex with him and (b) someone had just agreed to have sex.....with him.

"What?" Was his genius response.

Stiles had known that he was being loud, he could tell by Scott's facial expressions through his whole "I'm A Virgin" freak out, but he didn't actually think that anyone was listening, and he definitely didn't think anyone would have willingly joined in...especially in a conversation like that.

"Come by my place at nine. Plan to stay the night."

Stiles felt his face flush with color and he was sure that Scott could hear his heart beating a thousand milliseconds faster due to his embarrassment. Stiles, however, was kind of...touched. Because at this point, sex wasn't even a romantic gesture in his life, no love involved, whatsoever, for him, it would be a favor. An act to save his life.

"I like to cuddle."

As strange as this whole situation was, Stiles was more concerned with Danny's cuddling confession. He didn't look like a cuddler.

"I, um-" Scott muttered something beside him.

Stiles knew all of Scott's nervous ticks and at the moment, everything about his best friend was saying 'we need to stop this....now.'' And as flattered as Stiles was, he agreed. He loved Danny and all but....well maybe...maybe it wouldn't be thatbad. And on the other hand, he wouldn't have to worry about having his head bashed in and his throat slashed for being a virgin.

"Aw, Danny! That's so sweet. I-"

Suddenly, he felt a warm body press up against him. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Scott regaining his balance after having been carelessly pushed to the side.  Stiles was confused about who was invading his personal space until he felt a hand brush down his side and a warm pair of fingers wrap around his waist. Not knowing what to do, Stiles stiffened in the Beta's grip, his expression turing from an endearing gaze to utter horror and confusion.

Isaac had definitely grown since he had become a werewolf. He had not only, from what Stiles could currently tell, been working out, but he had matured a bit more into a personality.  And had, undoubtedly, become more sure of himself and definitely more  confident...a bit too confident at times. One of which being now. Stiles caught his very human breath as he felt a growl run through Isaac's chest. He sometimes thought that these mythical creatures forgot that Stiles was actually veryun-mythical.

"No," came Isaac's voice through clenched teeth.

Everyone's heads shot up to look at Isaac's fierce and cold blue eyes. Each of them were startled at the demand and still pretty disoriented from the whole situation in general.

"I-um," Stiles squeaked at a loss for words.

"Isaac," beckoned Scott from behind.

Danny's face immediately softened as if he understood the problem. He had seen Jackson use those eyes before when someone would look at Lydia in a way that he didn't like. But when he saw Stiles' panicked and desperate face, he mirrored it instantly, once again confused.

"I was just kidding," Danny then said with a slight blush as he turned to scamper away under Isaac's threatening gaze.

Stiles jumped when he felt Isaac nuzzle his nose into the crook of his neck barely a moment later. The werewolf then wrapped both of his arms fully around Stiles' small waist. He was so tiny and fragile in the Beta's arms, causing Isaac to let out a small whine and pull him in tighter. Once the shock wore off, Stiles spastically ripped himself from Isaac's arms. He was on the near edge of falling, tangled in his own limbs, when Scott grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled him over to his side. Scott had planted himself in front of Stiles in a somewhat protective manner, that Isaac seemed to pick up. Isaac looked as if he had just been slapped back into reality, his fierce blue eyes softened.The three of them stood there, exchanging multiple looks of confusion, it was several moments until anybody spoke.