Chapter 14

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     The weekend went by quickly with me visiting mom. Dad is in better spirits and I can say the same about myself. I've also had some interactions with Della, Noah, Xavier and even Mr.West. Della and Mr.West came to our place to invite us for a dinner at their place. Della knew how hard it is for dad and me to manage food and that's probably the reason she invited us. Even Mr.West is a great man and dad instantly connected with him. They seemed to become friends from the moment they met. Dad declined at first but Della and Mr.West were really insistent. And dad had to agree. I don't know what to expect at the dinner, ItsI mean going to the devi... Xavier's place is quite abnormal for me. But then the dinner is on Tuesday so I still have time for that.

It's Monday today and I'm in high spirits. Ever since mom's revival, everything seems good to me. And I'm happy for that. It's a good change in my life. I just pray that nothing goes wrong now. I get dressed for school. Dad would return from the hospital now. He has been cutting short from work to visit mom but because of his loyalty and regularity in the past, his boss hasn't shown much reluctance. A nurse is constantly there to take care of mom if we aren't in the hospital. All I want is the day to get over so I can rush to the hospital again. I had been there last night and I already miss mom. I leave my house and start for school. When I reach school, I see my twin best friends arriving too and I run to them, my face all smiles. They both know about mom and they are happy for me too.

"It's a surely a good morning for Sam here, isn't it?" Carly says and I nod.

"Yeah ever since Friday  I am all about rainbows and unicorns," I say and they both smile at me with sincere happiness. Gosh! Thank god I have them both.

"Well now since Mrs.Collins is getting better, nothing can go wrong. I am super happy for you Sam. You deserve this day and this happiness." Bella says without a hint of her usual drama or act. And I love her for this. She knows when to get serious. We all walk to class, talking about nonsense stuff and after so long, I'm enjoying every bit of it. I have English and history first so hopefully, he rest of the day will go as awesome. The three of us enter English and settle at our usual places. We joke about things until our teacher enters. We continue the poetry from the last class and I engross myself into it.

My first two classes go by pretty quickly and soon enough, its break time. I meet my best girls and we walk towards the canteen. Jacob joins us on the way and we all order our snacks. Jacob takes a seat beside Carly, hanging on to every word she says. This guy is way beyond cute and my super idiot best friend is so oblivious. I notice Bella grumbling to herself and raise my eyebrows in question. She motions towards Carly with an eye roll and I get her point. I signal her to stand up after me and she affirms quickly. I get up while Bella remains seated.

"Um guys, I'll just be back from the washroom." I say and Bella joins me too, standing up.

"Oh wait Samantha. Even I need to touch up. I'll come with you. Carly and Jacob you guys stay here." She says and I roll my eye in my mind. She has to emphasize things she shouldn't. Of course they will stay here.

"Oh okay guys. Be back soon. We'll be waiting." Carly replies and turns to Jacob, who is grinning so wide, I actually feel his skin will tear apart. Bella and I laugh slightly and walk off to the washroom. We enter and start laughing.

"I can't believe Carly is my sister. I mean how can she be so stupid?!" Bella exclaims and I couldn't agree more. Bella is really good when it comes to all the boyish matters.

"Well I think you the gave the answer yourself. She is your sister, so you know, 'stupid' is common between you two." I say teasingly and Bella glares at me.

"At least I'm smart enough to understand how smitten Jacob is with her." She retorts.

"Well that's true. But... what about Alec Bella? Are you smart enough when it comes to him?" I say wiggling my eyebrows and Bella blushes. Haha got her! We do a bit of time pass to give the cute couple some time and then walk back to our table. As we take our seats, I notice a satisfied Jacob and a confused Carly.

"Bells, Sam, the break is almost over. What took you guys so long?" Carly asks and I exchange a look with Bella.

"Oh you know your sister Bella, don't you? She couldn't finish her touch ups so I had to wait and we got late." I reply smartly and Carly believes us.

"Well okay. Jacob asked if guys want to go for a movie on Friday? I agreed but of course you guys will come." Carly says and I look at Jacob. His expression is prayer like and I have to laugh.

"Um no, Carl. You know I have to go the hospital and weekends are the only full time I get with mum. So I won't be able to tag along." I say and Carly then turns to Bella.

"Uh yeah, even I'm kinda busy. I have some work so I can't join you guys too. But you two go and have fun. Tell us how the movie was." Bella says kinda flustered.

"Really? And what work do you have Bells?" Carly asks suspiciously and Bella shrugs innocently.

"We are twins but that doesn't mean I tell you everything right?" Bella says calmly and Carly is still not convinced. But she gives up anyway and turns to a victorious looking Jacob.

"I guess then it's just you and me. I'll see you on Friday then." Carly says and Jacob nods enthusiastically. Bella and I share a mental high-five.

"Yeah. That's great.I mean it's sad you both aren't coming." Jacob says overwhelmed. I again laugh silently at him. Its too late when we realize that lunch time is over. Shoot! I have math next. Can't get late again. I shoot up from my seat, grab my bag and with a quick goodbye leave for my class.

I reach the second floor and run through the corridors. I spot my friend Rochelle calling to me.

"Hey Sam, I needed some notes-" Rochelle begins but I cut her already walking in the opposite direction.

"Sorry, Roch. I'm getting super late. I'll see you after school." Saying this I shoot an apologetic smile to her and turn to the front again when I dash into someone. My bag falls and I clumsily fall to the ground, picking up my stuff. I get up and quickly begin to apologize to the person.

"I'm so sorry, I was in a hu-" I gasp loudly as I see the person's face and my legs falters two steps back. I can't digest the shock this moment is giving me.

"Ch-Chase." I breathe out and he stands there smiling lightly at me.

"Hey, babycakes.I missed you tons." He says and my heart stops.

Freaking Chase Anderson is back! And it was no joke.

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