The necklace and The Alpha Arrival part 1

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It was Monday morning and I was standing outside of school waiting on Melly. She was going to introduce me to the girl who made the potion. Hopefully, she was willing to help me. I was, of course, willing to pay for her help. I couldn't believe he was traveling around the packs in our State looking for me. All I had to do was find a way to avoid him while he was here.  It sounded simple enough, and if I had more of that potion it would make things easier. Once he was gone, I could get on with my life.

"You think it's that easy?" My wolf said startling me.

Ever since I fled the party my wolf has been silent. I knew she was upset with me but she needed to understand my opinions matter too.

"No one said this would be easy, but I will make it happen." I snarled back at her in my mind.

"We will see about that. You can't defy Selene, our Goddess..." She began but I just tuned her out.

Kyle was walking towards me with a couple of the guys. "Hey, Izzy!" He greeted me, as he leaned up against the little red Honda parked next to me.

Kyle was no doubt happy he found his mate. He had always talked about how happy he would be when he did. He stopped having serious relationships about a year ago because he didn't want to waste anyone's time or hurt their feelings when he did find his mate.

"Have you seen Melly? She is supposed to meet me here." I asked him.

"Nope, but we still have time before school starts, you know her she always comes right before the bell anyway." He said.

It was well known that Melly was always the last of our group to show up, but I thought since we had things to do she would be here earlier. Tyler and Malik were staring at a car that just pulled in. It was a minivan, but it looked like it had been stripped of all its paint, and beaten to death. I had never seen it before and wondered who it belonged to.

"Dude, we should so ask Coach to let us paint that in the shop." Tyler said to Kyle. Malik just stood there and stared at it in a daze. I mean sure it stood out but I wasn't going to stare at it. Maybe the driver didn't have any money, or maybe they just didn't care. I took out my iPhone and sent a text to Melly "Where are you? The guys are driving me nuts."

"Whoa, dude she is hot." Tyler whistled.

I looked up to see what had got his attention when I see a  girl with long blond hair get out the car. She was about my height, 5'3. She was wearing a cute little dress that came just to her knees. I recognized it immediately, it was not a dress someone who was poor would wear for sure and it made me smile that she had driven up in that van, but had on an outfit that cost more than the van did. She dropped her bag, and Malik ran up to help her. She was nervous, I'm sure it was from being the new girl. I couldn't tell from this distance if she was human or a Were like me. I decided to go help her get away from Malik who seemed to only make her nervous.

"Hi. I'm Isabella, but just call me Izzy." I said to her as I went up to her.

"I'm uh Lacey." She replied in a small voice.

She was a human, which was fine by me. I pulled her along with me and she breathed a sigh in relief. Malik followed close behind and I was sure that she was his mate. Humans felt the pull too, but with this being her first day in a new school and all he needed to relax a bit. I shot him a glance telling him to back off a bit.

"Come on let me introduce you to everyone," I said to her as we walked up to where everyone was now standing including Melly.

"This is Lacey everyone," I said as they all began introducing themselves.

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