Chapter 3

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(Your crowd above)

 [Read this chapter again, I added some parts which supposed to be part of this chapter but the internet sucked last night]

2 days later, Diane called to inform you that you need to go back to the studio. As soon as you arrived, Scooter greeted you.

"Y/n" Scooter smiled

"Scooter" You chuckle

"Since you're here, Zakim! John! Let's go!" Scooter called "The car is outside, follow me" He gestured

"Wait what? Where are we going?"

"Please we're not gonna kidnapped you" Zakim chuckled and enter the car

"But seriously where are we going?"

"Chill Y/n" John said giggling

"Hop on!" Scooter said "I'll explain when you get inside" You got inside the car

"Remember the other day I told you, when I get back to the studio, we're going somewhere?" You nodded "But since it was late, so I decided to cancel" Scooter said


"So now we're going" He chuckled


"You'll see" Scooter smile in mirror looking at me since he is driving

When you arrived to the place, it was a fancy restaurant. It has a small stage that has instruments. You observed that there are lot of people. Most of them are in mid 20's or 30's and you can say that they're an important person.

"Well, what can you say?" John asked looking at you

"Wow, the restaurant is classy and for my guess you guys are gonna let me perform in that stage"

"Smart" Zakim said

"Alright, you see those guys in there in the round couch?" Scooter asked you and you simply nodded

"Those guys are producers, label records, music entertainment etc. They always come here to hang out and chill. Now, I want you to perform on that little stage and we'll see if they'll notice you or we'll be lucky enough they'll let you sign in one of there record labels" Scooter patted you shoulder

"I Uhhm I d don't know if-"

"Don't be nervous Y/n, just close your eyes and pretend there's no one here. Don't think about those guys, just do your thing" John said

"But I'd never play in front of many people"

"You need to step up Y/n 50+ people are tiny what if you'll go big someday and perform to 20,000 people? If you really want this, then you need to gain confidence" Zakim said

You sighed. Zakim is right, you inhaled a huge air then exhaled. You went to that small little stage and grab an acoustic guitar. You looked at Scooter and mouthed "Just do your thing" then zakim and john gave you a thumbs up. You tested the microphone to see if it works and to get everyone's attention.

"Hi my name is Y/n L/n, my friends over there wanted me to sing for you guys, this is my first time singing in front of many people so sorry if I messed up" You said to the crowd. Behind you there were 2 guys, the other one one the drums and the other one on the electric guitar, you gave them a kinked eyebrow.

"Go on, we'll catch up" the one holding the electric guitar told you

You strum a couple of chords then close your eyes

"I don't think there's a word I've ever heard

That captures the innocence of you

And I wouldn't want one too

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