The Picture on the side is of Beth (Genevieve Cortese/Padelecki)

The Psychic Study


7. The Unexpected Guests

    The beautiful girl in the doorway looked scared, and a little uncertain of her place. Her eyes were almost black, her black hair swishing around her face in the wind. Her eyes flickered to me when I got to the bottom of the stairs, and my face was, hopefully, blank. As she stepped fully through the doorway she was followed by a pretty young girl. She repeated her question. Joyleigh was sputtering as she tried to get a hold of herself. I saved her. ‘You’re Beth, aren’t you?’ It hadn’t meant to sound so blunt, but that’s what it came off as. She looked sharply at me, her eyes studying me.

‘Yes. Who are you?’ She replied. I let out a breath. It is funny how we were all just talking about her and then she suddenly appears out of nowhere. And with a child! She must be at least three, maybe four.

‘I’m Ruby.’ I answered. Walking slowly up to her, kneeling down in front of the little girl, I saw a flash of familiarity in her features. She peaked up at me shyly from under light lashes. I smiled at her. ‘And who might you be?’ I asked. She was beautiful, her hair blonde with the same shine to it as Beth’s, though her eyes were exactly the same brown.

‘Her name is Winona.’ Beth told me in an icy tone. I got the feeling she had immense irritation towards me, though I had no idea why. I turned, smiling and holding up a finger as and ran up the stairs at full speed. When I reached the bedroom, I stormed in, not bothering to knock.

    They all looked at me. I swallowed. Looking at each of them I took a deep breath. How the hell was I going to say this? Okay Ruby, just spit it out and be done with it!

‘Okay… so…Beth is downstairs, she’s just walked in asking for you two and she has a daughter and she’s waiting… also, she hates me!’ I got out finally. They were both up in a flash, the sound of their running feet deafening on the stairs as I just stood there. When I finally snapped out of it, I spun on my heel and made my way downstairs. Brendon followed with me. I gulped.

    Turning the corner I saw Cyrus, clutching Beth’s shoulders, yelling at her. I quickened my pace, reaching them and pulled him away, my hand staying rested on his chest. What was with Cyrus today? Yelling and fighting!

‘Cyrus, calm down! I’m back now!’ Beth got out. Zoning in on my hand on Cyrus’ chest, she picked up Winona and hugged her tightly, her eyes filling. Then she noticed Brendon and suddenly the room seemed cold. ‘Brendon!’ Her voice was barely a whisper. Stanley had taken his place by Beth’s side, while Cyrus went to stand by Brendon. How strange. I stood in the middle. Well that’s convenient. I’m the only one who doesn’t understand! But no, I’m still the one stuck in the middle of it all! Oh, god, I’m going crazy! All this sarcasm was making me different! Damn it, why did something always have to happen to me? Can’t, for once, I be left alone?

‘How did you know where to look?’ Cyrus asked abruptly. I was curious too, but I hated to be rude. She smiled bitterly. Wow that really made her look like her brothers, in a girly, non-boyish way.

‘I got a call off a nurse saying Stanley was awake. She told me that you were there. The rest was easy. After Cyrus found this freak’s asylum, I knew he would most likely stay here, and with you awake, he’d of probably brought you here too.’ Beth sounded sad. I would probably regret this later…

Oh, Brendon! God, I can’t even tell you… She was thinking. Then it all clicked. Damn! She glanced at me and I snatched my eyes away. Who is that girl? She seems too close to Cyrus. And Brendon keeps looking at her like she’s a prize! I didn’t want to be in her head anymore. It was horrible, the way she saw what everyone else didn’t. Turning to face everyone, I braced myself for my speech. I let out a ragged, needed breath.

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