UNDER and The Surgeon Mash Up!

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Are You Ready for a Mash Up?

The one, the only, THE @Francisxyz and I created an epic mash up of UNDER and The Surgeon! We each wrote two micro chapters for the #WattpadBlockParty - Winter Edition II. These four chapters were shared in the Wattpad Block Party - Winter Edition II book; however, in case you missed them, I wanted to post them here for you as well!

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the cross-over!

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the  cross-over!

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Chapter One:

It's Tanya here. I'm back in Chicago.

I should be getting the hell out of here, back to London and Kade; where we still have serious work to do to expose and quash The Surgeon's work.

But I just want to take a moment to walk round the place wherein Kade and I fell in love.


Our old home, which was once an isolated and barren waste ground, is now a Theme Park. It's rapidly filling with families and excited people of all ages. My jaw drops as I take in the sheer spectacle of the place.

Coasters, rides and attractions of all kinds fill the vast space. When I look toward the entrance and see the name of the park, The Surgeon's words, uttered at the Hospital, come back to me loud and clear, "Land of Love. No one will ever know what goes on beneath the crowds of screaming revellers."

I look up at the Love Rush, roller coaster. Its construction played such a big part in my life. When it swoops past, carrying a new load of thrill seekers, I realize that their excited screams probably mask the terrified screams of those unfortunate enough to be trapped below, in the underground labs and surgical theatres beneath this place.

I look down and wonder how many of these unfortunate people will end up under my feet; thrill seekers one minute, lab rats the next.

Or indeed, how many people come here with the intention of going under. Warped thrill seekers arriving for secret underground consultations with the The Surgeon's sick scientific teams.

Continuing to pace the park, I'm suddenly struck by someone – a girl.

There's nothing extraordinary about her, she blends right in. Except like me, she stands right out – because we're both alone.

Why would you come to a theme park on your own?

She's looking up and smiling at the revellers on the Love Rush; she's probably watching someone on the coaster, too frightened to ride it herself. That makes sense.

But something compels me to watch and wait. When the exhilarated riders rush off the ride and right past her, I know she's travelled here on her own.

She shakes here head in merriment as she watches another load of riders take off, then she turns and starts to walk toward me.

Alarmed, I dart behind the entrance to The Tunnel of Love ride.

When she walks past me, I breathe out. That was odd, I don't know why I held my breath and had such a profound sense of relief? She's a random person, who poses no threat.

But something struck me: her clothes, her look her demeanour, was androgynous. Yet when she turned, I saw that she wore a cluster of fresh flowers, pinned to her t-shirt, just above her right breast. I felt the flowers were a statement, of intent.

She stops in her tracks; I watch her look down at her feet and smile. And In that instant, I feel she's here to go under. And I want to know why?


So!! What did you think? If you liked the first of four micro chapters, please leave us a comment and/or feel free to click that little star in the corner! :)


Kelly Anne Blount xoxo

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