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Prankster's P.O.V

I started sprinting down the halls away from the headmaster's room where I had just stuck up pictures of nude women and then threw toilet roll all around the room.

In the distance I heard the headmaster shouting for me to stop so I carried on sprinting with my black hat on as I kept sprinting till my whole body hit a hard and muscly body so I looked up to see 'The Bad Boy' of the school.

I had to admit he was really handsome: chiselled features, perfect jawline, amazing figure, tall, dark oak hair styled messily and dark brown eyes. But his looks were spoiled by his horrible attitude and arrogant and cocky ways.

"Well hello Prankster, who're you running from this time?" The bad boy asked me in a husky voice which sent shivers down my spine, I was going to run but I heard the headmaster right behind me and the 'Bad Boy' kept hold of my arm sending shocks throughout.

"You stupid children, you're always behind the pranks and fights in this school. I'm absolutely fed up of your behaviour so you're both in detention for a month so I suggest you go there this instant!" The headmaster 'Mr Colin' shouted as I tried to keep in a giggle as I looked at his now beetroot complexion.

"Right away sir, by the way I'd remove them posters from your office since it is a bit inappropriate!" I told him as I began walking off as I heard 'Bad Boy' cursing at his uncle 'Mr Colin' as he began to follow me to detention.

Usually people were scared of detention but not I, detention was my home. I was always in it so I got used to it and it wasn't half bad. The teachers on detention duty let us speak and chew gum so I don't get the punishment side of it.

As soon as I entered the room I was greeted by cheers from the other people in the room with me before I took a seat, I then high fived my best friend 'Baxter' who sat behind me before taking out some gum and getting comfy.

"You really are something aren't you?" Bad Boy muttered to me causing me to flag him off, why was he even speaking to me? He used to ignore me and make my life a living hell so why wait till now to be nice?


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