Bad Girl vs Bad Boy An Arranged Marriage Story

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Chapter 1

Chapter one

Fake Seth's POV

Uhgg, I hate my parents...They are forcing me into this stupid arranged marriage with a stupid girl. I bet she's a nerd. I'll have to give up my single life of blonde cheerleaders and one night stands. She's late. She better hurry up. Me and the gang are going to go and draw moustaches on the statue of my dad in the town square. I heard the limousine pull up outside. That must be her. Maybe I could get this over quickly and then go and doodle on the statue to cheer myself up. I watched the limo pull into our drive from the turrets of the family castle. Our house is so big maybe she'll get lost in it and I would never see her again... what a terrible shame that would be.

Our chief butler Edward strode towards the limo in his stupid ceremonial outfit. My parents were grinning expectantly at the door just waiting for my humiliation. They kept on grinning expectantly at the open car door...nothing happened.

'Where is she' my mother stuttered.

My father walked over to the car and looked in. The butler went and opened the boot. All her cases were there. How many clothes does this girl have! Or maybe those are books... after all she was a nerd. But where was this girl?

Suddenly I heard a distant roar of a Harley - I would know that sound anywhere. It must be one of the gang coming to see me. I was there boss after all. They obviously couldn't survive for long without seeing me. As the roar grew louder I watched in amusement as my parents ran about in confusion screaming at various butlers.

Abruptly, the Harley that had been causing all the distress flew over our 3m high wall and moat. I was impressed. My gang was learning fast not even I could do that. I was annoyed. Was someone challenging me for my rightful place as leader? They would be punished. The bike skidded to a halt spraying gravel all over my gawking parents. I rushed down the stairs to confront this challenger. I realised as the first high heeled boot hit the gravel that this was no boy... She pulled of her helmet and I stared. She was hot. I was too distracted by her attractiveness to notice that she was glaring at my parents. Then it dawned on me. She was the girl. I was finding this prospect more attractive by the second.

She then began to talk 'Listen, I don't want to be here and I will make your life living hell'. These words broke me out of my trance. That was my job.

She then appeared to notice me for the first time. She smiled. My heart nearly stopped. 'Is this the jerk I am supposed to marry' she asked and then burst out laughing. My face burned with embarrassment. How dare she reject me. Everyone loved me. Every girl wanted me. I had just thought of a smart ass comment to reply with when about 20 Harley's flew over the wall. Who where this people ? My parents still gawking, got yet again sprayed will gravel . The leader who I thought was a boy no girls should be able to do that with such skill. I was wrong ... again. She and all her other team members (some of which were boys I am proud to say) wrenched of their helmets. She walked up and hugged my 'fiance', Ivy. She turned towards my parents and started screaming ... in French. My mother immediately summoned our French translator who informed my mother that the angry girl was screaming.

"F*** you , you F***ing B**ch. Arranged marriage's are like f***ing 18 century . "

My mother turned bright red and turned away.The angry french girl spoke to Ivy in English

'Love is on her way, she is going to flip when she finds out'

Ivy muttered 'You should fear for your lives'

My dad managed to stutter out 'W w w who is love?'

I couldn't blame him for once. These people were all slightly scary all dressed in biker leathers. I thought I could just see the bulge of guns under their jackets. Even Ivy had one.

The screaming French girl pivoted towards my father and fixed him with an unnerving stare. She promptly began to scream in Italian. The translator looked very scared and informed my father that Love was their fearless leader and that she would kill them all. Well that was lovely.

Then a much larger black Harley zoomed over the wall. This was just rubbing it in. It skidded to a halt spraying my parents with gravel, again. This must be Love I realised with a tiny jolt of fear. She stood silent for a few seconds. No one moved, no one spoke and then suddenly all the leather clad gang burst out laughing. My parents looked flustered and I could see my father going bright red. She hadn't said a single word but I already felt threatened by her presence. I noticed that they were all amazingly hot. Love pulled out a walkie talkie and began speaking rapidly in something that sounded like Chinese. I had no idea what she was talking about and neither did the translator. She turned to her gang and started barking out orders in Russian. How many languages did these people speak?

She then turned to Ivy and spoke in Japanese I think . Ivy looked outraged. She was in the middle of a sentence when 50 ninjas type things sprang over the wall. What is it with these people and walls? Love turned around and a dangerous smile slowly spread over her face. She pulled out a gun and started shouting. A few seconds after love the rest of her gang simultaneously pulled out guns. The ninjas stood no chance. Although the ninjas outnumbered them Love's gang moved with the agility and speed of fearsome predators. In 30 seconds flat all the ninjas were lying dead on the floor. I just stared with a mixture of fear and amazement. Then Love finally spoke in English addressing Ivy.

'Ivy, we are leaving now. You are staying here.' authority rang out in her voice. Not even I would disobey her orders.

'Why, I don't want to stay here. You came to bust me out not lock me in' Ivy whined.

Love spoke to Ivy in some foreign language I had no idea about. The translator it appeared didn't either. I was starting to seriously doubt his skills as a translator. He only knew 27 languages fluently and what good was that?

I had no idea what Love was saying but it seemed to convince Ivy that she needed to stay here so it must have been some powerful stuff. They all came up and hugged Ivy and then climbed back on their Harley's. In a perfect v formation with Love at the top they rode towards the gates. Surely they weren't going to jump the gates. No. Love pulled out her gun, shot off the lock and they burst through the gates still information. Ivy watched them until they were no longer visible. She then turned round and stepped over a dead ninja totally unconcerned about the dead bodies littering our front drive. She slowly smiled at my parents. My mother promptly fainted and my father gazed up at her in terror and whispered 'Please don't hurt us.'

'They're not dead' she said pointing at the ninjas 'They're just tranquillized. They'll wake up in about an hour.'

My father didn't seem very reassured by this. He also fainted. I was left standing there looking pretty stupid. I didn't know what to do so I started hitting my parents hoping it would revive them. I may have been a bit overenthusiastic but it did the trick.

Ivy was still walking slowly towards us.

Suddenly she stopped and said in a strangely cheerful voice 'Well, I might as well make myself at home now I am here.'

She skipped towards the door, kicked it down and went inside. My father started screaming about how expensive that door was my mother was more concerned about the 'dead' bodies in our drive. A second later the fire alarm went off and all our staff streamed out of the house, many of them screaming and gasping at the body littered drive. I was puzzled. What was Ivy doing? When all the servants were out of the house Ivy stepped out of the now none existent front door.

And then... the front hall blew up.

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