Chapter 28 | Electrocute Me

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*present time*

Emma opens her eyes and glances at the alarm clock, groaning when she realizes it's 7:00 a.m and they don't have to go to the station today since it's President's Day weekend.

There's a party in City Hall tomorrow night and it seems that the entire town is going, so Emma assumes her and Killian might as well go too; They have blended in with the natives surprisingly well so far.

Killian is still asleep, his nose pressed against Emma's shoulder, his arm casually drapes over her and she closes her eyes basking in the moment; Emma tells herself there's nothing wrong with pretending that he is hers and that she is his, that this little room in this small town is a bubble separated from his past and her future, and that they can just stay like this forever.

No matter how far apart they are when they go to bed, they always end up clinging to each other by the suns warm morning light, and she can't help reading into it.

The bed squeaks, and Emma slowly blinks her emerald eyes open. "What time is it?" Killian mumbles, his voice deeper with sleep as rolls away, sitting on the edge of the bed glancing at her from over his shoulder, giving her an apologetic smile.

"Too early to be alive." She moans groggily, not wanting him to leave her but Killian gets up anyway. He gets dressed in layers of warm clothes, careful of his cast before going outside to shovel snow until it's time for their routine breakfast together with Mrs.Opal

Once she finally breaks away from the beds warm hold she carefully tip toes down the stairs in the early morning light. Her bare feet stepping along the cold wood floors reminding her that she forgot her socks.

Emma watches Killian from the kitchen window with a soft smile on her face, as she hums in contentment while sipping on her warm hot cocoa. He's stubborn, and quite the fighter, she'll give him that.... Watching him try to use the shovel in the most efficient way with one good hand, yet he ends up managing just find with all his determination. His hand is nearly healed, infact Wednesday she's taking him back to docs to get the cast removed.  But nothing can stop him once he makes his mind over, thats for sure.

Letting herself glance for a moment too long as she watches how he carries himself, she also notes his stray black bangs sticking from his beanie in an adorable way that makes her want to run her hands through his black head of hair. She then notices how his dark scruff contrasts against the white world covering everything as far as the eye can see. Her stomach does a summer sault, And that's when it hits her, like a pang in her heart; Emma realizes that she had never wanted, no needed to be with somebody so much...It's not just a physical need; She wants to be with him, and stay with him for the rest of her life. And this scares her more than anything else ever has.

She's gotten attached.

Emma Swan doesn't get attached.

Mrs.Opal's 9 year old granddaughter Grace, brings over her scrapbook and places it on the farm houses carpeted floor in the living room, pictures and stickers and paper decals, along with stamps and ribbons scattered all around the room.

After Killian had his breakfast of Banana pancakes and bacon that Emma has finally mastered by herself, with little to no pointers from the great chief master himself; Mrs.Opal invites Emma and Killian to come join them in decorating.

Emma's mouth drops, Mrs.Opal's got three boxes full of Spare scrapbooks ready for a purpose and another five filled to the brim with mixed-mash stamps, ribbons and tons of glitter in nearly any color imaginable.
Emma can't help getting excited, she's always heard of scrapbooking... Something to hold your precious memories, But thats just the thing; Emma hasn't had any that she wanted to recall until now. The feeling of starting a book for Killian and hers travels makes her giddy inside, so much so she kinda can't hide it as she gets on her knees and helps Grace pick out some materials.

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