Chapter 2 - Phone Call My first date and My Rebel?

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Chapter 2

Judas's POV

I lay down in the couch. It was nice and soft. All of a sudden, Jesus started staring at me.

"What are you looking at?" I said.

"No one." Jesus said.

"Oh really then, then why were you staring at me?" I said.

"Fine, you caught me, bro." Jesus said.

"So what's on your mind?" I said.

"Kat." Jesus said.

"You too? Wow, surprising." I said.

"I kno, Kat seems like a fun girl." Jesus said.

" I think she is any other girl that I have been hanging out a bit." I said.

Jesus smacked the back of my head.

"Ow, what was that for?" I said.

"For being jerk. I think she is perfect for you. She can help with your homework and a person to hang out with." Jesus said.

"You're right. I should go talk to her." I said.

"Alright. I will be upstairs watching Teen Wolf." Jesus said.

"Alright , Wolf lover." I said.

As Jesus was going upstairs, I felt bored maybe I will call Kat. Wait, I don't got her number. Damn. Wait, she had a friend named Taylor Lloyd. Oh wait I used to date her cousin. she was fine though. I called her and she gave me her number. Wow, girls do love me so much.

"Hello?" Taylor said.

"Hey, Tay. remember me?" I said.

"Oh my gosh ,Judas is that you?!" Taylor shrieked.

Next time put no headphones.

"Hey I need you to do me a favor." I said.

"Why should I?" Taylor said.

"Excuse me?" I said.

"Just kidding. What do you want me to do?" Taylor said.

"I want Kat's number." I said.

"Woah, are you trying to stalk my girl, I will go after you ." I said.

"Ok. I forgot you don't play with nobody at all . I like this chick." I said.

"Alright. I got pencil and paper." Judas said.

Taylor give Kat's phone number. Again, no one could'nt resist my charm.

"Thank you Tay." I said.

"No problem. Tell Kat I said hi." Taylor said.

I hung up the phone and make another phone call to my new "friend", Kat,. I want to see how she react.


Kat's POV

I was at home,I started studying for my upcoming test, all of a sudden, I got an unknown phone call from someone. I took a deep breath and answer the call.

"Hello? " I stuttered.

"Hey, Kat. Miss me?"Judas said.

"Judas?!" I shouted.

I can't believe that Judas knows my phone number . The question is how did he found it.

"How did you find my phone number?" I said.

" It's a long story." Judas said.

"Again, how did you find my phone number." I said.

"Fine, I ask Taylor for your phone number." Judas said.

"I knew it. Why are calling me?" I said.

"Can we hang out sometime." Judas said.

" I rather not." I said.


"Because I don't want to. A honors girl has a lot of work to do and I rather do this instead hang out with you, stalker."

"Wow Kitty Kat, you just broke my heart."

"Oh hush , Judas, but can you do something for me?" I said.

"What is it, Kitty." Judas said.

" Well, can you hand me the phone to Jesus? I want to talk to him." I said.

"Sure, why not. Yo, Jesus." Judas said.

Man, Judas does scream loud to people. Luckily Jesus heard that.

"Hello?" Jesus said.

"Hey, Jesus." I said.

"What's up, Kat. I heard that you want me to ask me something? First, I need to asked you something?" Jesus said.

"Which is?" I said.

"Would you hang out with me to the movies?"Jesus said.

"Of course. Wait, are asking me on a date?" I said.

"Yeah , something like that." Jesus said.

"Aww, Jesus, that's sweet. I would say yes." I said.

"Now, what were going to say to me?" Jesus said.

"I forgot." I said.

"Anyway bye and I will see you Friday night at 6:30." Jesus said.

"Alright see ya." I said.

I hung up my phone with a beating heart like it was coming up from my throat. At least, I will see him in 2 days.


Jesus's POV

I took a deep breath and I was happy. For the first time, I really like a girl. Kat seems different from the girls in school. They are all sassy and annoying, but, Kat have a professional and lady like personality. I think this movie date will be awesome.

"So what did she asked you?" Judas said.

"Umm, nothing." I said.

"There is something up. You can't lie." Judas said.

"Fine, I asked Kat to go the movies with me." I said.

"And she said?" Judas said.

"Yes." I said.

Suddenly Judas stared at me and I was a bit scared because that. He glares sometimes gives me chills.

"I see you are going on a date with Kitty Kat." Judas said as he stared at me.

"Yea. Just a movie that's all." I said.

"Alright, but don't do anything sexual to her. You do look not yourself when you do that to people like Kat." Judas said.

"I won't I promise. Say do have feelings for her, Judas?" I smirked.

"No. I never got a chance with her so. Don't blow it for me." , Judas said," Besides we are sharing the girl anyway."

"Ok, suit yourself." I said.

Judas went upstairs like he didn't care about anything. Great, what is he up to now. Besides does he have date for the week? Man, this guy is taking from the extreme. Anyway, I need to prepare for that movie date.


The next day...

Kat's POV

I couldn't stop thinking about saying yes that date with Jesus. I felt really bad about this . If Judas finds out, I don't know what he's going to do. I can't think that now a test is today and I need to work on that right now. I head into the study hall to study. As I sit down and read my notes , I realizes that Judas was here. I'm screwed again. He didn't see me thank goodness for now. What happens if he finds me? Man, this is so scary. As a soon as I was safe, Judas appeared.

"What's up, Kitty Kat." Judas said.

"H-Hey J-Judas. Wh-hat are-e y-you doing here?" I said.

"I don't know I heard that you are going out with Jesus. A great surprise. Remember that time that I ask you and said no? Do you like Jesus than me?" Judas said.

He does got a good point thought. It's true that I kinda like Jesus better than him. What I'm going to say to him? It's bad enough to say it.

"Look, I like you as a friend got it?" I said.

"Are you sure?" Judas said as he leaned forward towards me.

"Yes I'm sure and please back up a little bit." I said.

"Alright." Judas chuckled.

Wow I never seen Judas laugh first time. Wow, this guy is something.

"So Kitty, you do think after your movie date with Jesus, why not I will take you out somewhere?" Judas said.

"Alright." I said.

"Okay then. See ya, Kat. For now on I'm your Rebel got it?" Judas said as he whispered in my ear .

"Alright." I said

He got up and smirked at me. I was pretty nervous about this. Going on two dates at the same day. These two are crazy. Wait, I forgot something, he said my name for the first time without Kitty in front of it. Wow, an achievement for him.

He waved his hand and walked away from me. I smiled and continued studying. Now , two dates great just what I need right now. On another hand, I think it's sweet.


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