Chapter One

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Optimus entered his quarters, and took off his armor leaving only his groin covering on. He placed them on his desk and laid on his berth, looking up at the ceiling he sighed. He was so exhausted yet his body wasn't allowing him to enter stasis. He just continued to stare at the ceiling, remembering the time before the war. The peace and prosperity, the love that he no longer felt. He sighed again and turned off his optics, hoping that would help him fall into stasis.

The space bridge opened again, allowing Arcee and Bumblebee into the base. Arcee sighed inwardly, exhausted from patrol as well as not being able to rest for the last few solar-cycles. She tried to maintain a constant smile, not wanting the others to know about her situation, but after a few days it was growing harder and harder to act like everything was okay. Bee had asked her several times today, but she had just brightened her tone and denied that anything was wrong.

"Arcee, I'd like to speak with you in the medical bay." said Ratchet, walking towards her.

She sighed but nodded, too exhausted to put up a real fight. She followed him to the medical bay and sat down on the medical berth tiredly. "What is it doc?" she said, trying her best not to sound exhausted.

"You can cut the crap Arcee, I know you're exhausted."

Her optics widened a bit, wondering how he knew. Well he was a medic. She sighed and looked at him. "So?"

"So, as a doctor it is my duty to try and help my patients. You're not the only one with insomnia you know."

She raised on optic ridge to that. "Insomnia? I was never diagnosed with insomnia."

"Well I'm diagnosing you now." he replied curtly.

"Is there a medicine of some sort that will help me rest then?" she asked, a bit too hopefully.

He shook his head. "No not exactly."

She looked at him confused. "Not exactly... Then there's something?"

He nodded. "Yes, but I don't exactly know what you'll think of it."

She was even more confused by his tone. What was he talking about?! "Well?"

He cleared his throat. "Well as I said before. You're not the only one here that suffers from insomnia. Optimus does as well."

"Yea so?"

"Well some Mechs and Femmes find ways to.... relax themselves so that they can go into stasis."

She wasn't sure she liked where this was going. "So you're suggesting that Optimus and I.... relax together?"

He chuckled softly. "Arcee I'm pretty sure you know where I'm going with this. He's a Mech, you're a Femme. I know you're attracted to each other. So why not?"

She could feel the energon race to her cheeks. "Are-Are you suggesting I.... interface with Optimus?!"

He couldn't help but laugh. "Come on Arcee, it's not as though you two aren't attracted to one another. I know you're attracted to him. And he's attracted to you. There is no harm in a little interfacing."

She was blushing profusely now. "I couldn't do that. For one, the other's might hear and two what if he doesn't want me. I'd be mortified!"

"Optimus has wanted you for some time now, trust me. As for the others, I'll send them out on missions."

"And what of you?"

He laughed. "Arcee I've heard Optimus in berth with a Femme before, more than once actually. We did roommate when we we're younger."

She was flustered, but nodded. "Yea, fine, whatever. Just don't walk in on us and don't you dare tell the others!"

He smiled and nodded. "He's in his quarters, I'll get rid of the others." He said, leaving her seated on the medical berth as he walked out.

She stood where she was for a few moments and then got up, calming herself. She was going to be in the same berth as Optimus Prime. She walked toward his quarters. Sure she was excited, but mostly worried! What if he refused her? What if he didn't want her? She stood outside his quarters, looking at the door knob. She shook her helm. You're a warrior. Warriors aren't afraid. She turned the knob, stepping inside. Optimus sat up, his optics coming online. She sighed deeply, locking the door but staying where she was. Then she focused her optics on Optimus.