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Chapter Three

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Sophia immediately went upstairs to hide. She was pacing in her bedroom trying to calm her nerves. She was so mad at Enrique Monteiro for scaring the hell out of her.

"How dare that jerk following me?" She gritted her teeth. Then she wondered how he knew where she was. She had not told anyone, even her best friend, Toni.

"Sophia, come down here." She heard her aunt call her.

Sophia sighed. She really hated the idea of facing Enrique Monteiro. He was the most arrogant man she has ever encountered. She hated him before, and now that she met him, she hated him more. Darn! However, she didn't have a choice now. He was downstairs, and she didn't want to upset her Aunt Beatriz by being so childish in facing the situation downstairs. She would meet him eventually anyway.

"Hmm... Let him wait." She thought wickedly. Sophia decided to take her time by doing breathing exercises first to calm her nerves.

Sophia's parting words made Enrique very furious. The realization that she detested the thought of marrying him bruised his oversized male ego.

Enrique was annoyed by Sophia's behavior. He wasn't used to anyone ignoring him, especially women. He was a billionaire, CEO of a multi-million global chain of hotels, casinos, and beach resorts. He was one of the world's top youngest billionaires, according to Forbes magazine's latest issue. Sophia's treatment as if he did not exist pissed him off.

Damn girl, hasn't she heard that women are chasing after me all over the world, just to be noticed? Famous beautiful models and celebrities dream of being invited for a date and connect their names to mine. I am Enrique Monteiro. Women pursue me not just because of my massive wealth but also of my looks.

Yes, he was so aware of his good looks since he started prep school. Girls sought after him, even mothers instructed their daughters to befriend him. He was what they called a "rare catch."

However, Sophia Castello was oblivious to these. She totally ignored him, as if he was dirt on her shoe. What irritated him the most was that he was the one running after her. This was not his style with women. She should be very grateful and feel so lucky that he agreed to this arranged marriage. It was like winning the ultimate grand jackpot in the lottery. Women dream every night of dragging him to the altar.

Enrique waited in the living room of Beatriz Rodrigues' house. He leaned back on an antique chair and waited for Sophia. He kept on watching his watch and counted the minutes since he got there. Nine minutes have passed and yet she hasn't appeared. He decided that if she does not come down within ten minutes, he would go up to her room and give her a taste of her own medicine. She wasted a lot of his precious time already.

At exactly ten minutes, Sophia appeared. Enrique's eyes caught and held hers as he rose fluidly from the chair. Then, slowly, his gaze slid downwards from her face, to her shoulders, to her breasts, and to her legs.

Sophia's skin glowed, being hit by sun rays as she descended the stairs. Her face looked so sweet and innocent, even without any facial expression, her wavy long black hair bounced every step she made, and the sexiness brought by her beautiful body made him speechless. He was so mesmerized by her beauty and could not stop staring at her. She was a temptress without her knowing it.

At that moment, Enrique couldn't deny anymore that he was extremely attracted to her. No matter how much he controlled himself, he wanted her so badly, naked on his bed. He decided that he would have her by any means. He has never felt this kind of potent attraction on a woman before.

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