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Dipper managed to convince Stan to let them take lunch upstairs to the attic, Dipper was pretty sure Bill didn't know how to use a spoon. They sat on the floor, facing each other. Bill stared at his food then at Dipper, who had been waiting to see if he knew what to do. He didn't.

Dipper picked up half of his sandwich, Bill copied him curiously.  They made eye contact as Dipper bit into it, Bill doing the same. It seemed a little odd to be teaching his old enemy to survive and what ever else, that and eating was something most people just knew, but not Bill. Dipper made a face and checked the sandwich, just as he suspected it was covered in glitter as was the soup. Mabel did this a lot claiming the world wasn't gay enough and that consuming glitter would do the job.

Despite this he swallowed, to make sure Bill did as well, as he appeared to have no reaction to the taste. Once he had it down he put his plate on the floor next to the soup, Bill did as well watching as Dipper crawled over to him. "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue." Bill opened his mouth and stuck out the odd, wet lump of flesh he assumed was his 'tongue'. Dipper made an odd noise and tilted his head. "You... don't have taste buds." He remarked.

"On't ave wut?" Bill asked Dipper chuckled and stuck his tongue out for Bill to see.

"Taste buds. Part of human anatomy. I guess your body really isn't human then."

"Not human? What else is there. I mean other than Gnomes. I'm too big to be a Gnome."

"Yeah you certainly are. Wait, how do you know what Gnomes are?"

"I met some on my way here in the forest. One of them said that I should come back and become their queen. Whatever that means. I got out of there pretty fast. They were doing weird things to my body." Bill shivered.

Dippers brow furrowed, "At least now you know how it feels."

Bill perked up. "I did that to you? Oh god, I am so sorry!"

"Well I don't know if it was the same-"

"They tied me to the ground and poked me with sharp things. It hurt! There was weird red stuff coming out of me that they collected."

Dipper 'yuck'ed. "Yeah, that's pretty close I guess. You took over my body and slammed my arms in doors." Bill tilted his head to the side before standing and walking over to the door. He opened it a bit and stared at it. Dipper watched curiously. Bill held his arm out and opened the door slightly more. Dipper realized what he was doing and stood, "Bill wait, no-"

A sickening crunch was heard as Bill slammed the door as hard as he could on his arm, he cried out in pain and clutched his arm to his chest. "You idiot!" Dipper scolded. "What were you thinking!" Dipper reached out to touch him but couldn't. "Mabel!" He called. "Coming!" Dipper ushered the blond to his bed and had him sit down. Small tears had formed in his eyes an ran down his face slowly. "That hurt." He mumbled.

"Of course it did, stupid. Why would you do that?"

"Because I did it to you."

"Not that hard!" There was silence. "Oh... Sorry."

"It's okay." Dipper assured him as Mabel entered the room. "What's up bro-bro- oh god, Bill! What did you do?"

"He slammed his arm in the door. " Dipper sighed.

"What? Why?"

"Because Dipper said that-"

"He wanted to know what it felt like." Dipper cut him off.

"Well that's stupid. Haven't you ever closed a door on your fingers before?"

"Uhm... maybe? I- I don't know." Bill replied a little guiltily. "Have I?" He asked Dipper.

"How the hell would I know, Bill? Anyways Mabel can you cast him?"

"Of course. Yellow?" Bill nodded and Mabel got the supplies together. She knelt in front of the blond and got to work. 15 minutes later she cheered "Done!" And pushed her remaining supplies to the side. "It's great." Bill smiled.

"You're supposed to say 'Thank you', Bill." Dipper told him.

"Oh, sorry. Thank you Mabel." Bill corrected himself with a smile to Mabel, who returned it.

"Mabel, listen. There's something we need to tell you and you're the only one we can tell. But you have to promise not to get mad or tell anyone." Dipper began.

Mabel gasped, "Oh my god, are you two dating?" She demanded excitedly.

"What- no! Mabel, this is serious!"

"Oh. okay, sorry. What's up Bro-bro and Bill?"

"Well, it's about Bill. The name, Mabel, it's not a coincidence."

Mabel sat a moment in silence. "You mean... This guy, is that Bastard?" Dipper nodded and Mabel moved to lunge at Bill but Dipper stopped her,

"You isosoles monster, I'll kill you! Get the hell out of my house, what are you even doing here, I swear to god Cipher-"

"Mabel, be quiet! They're going to hear you!"

Mabel wrenched herself from her brothers grip with a look of disgust painted across her face. "What the heck Dipper, did Bill possess you again? What's wrong with you?"

"I possessed you!?" Bill demanded from behind him. "What the hell is wrong with me?" He covered his head with his arms and curled his knees to his chest.

Mabel stopped her rant. "What's wrong with him? He seems different."

"That's what I was trying to tell you. It is Bill, but he has no memory of what happened or anything that he's ever done. He has no idea what he did to us Mabel, and he's scared. He's a good person now, we just have to teach him."

"How do you know it's not an act?"

"Because I punched him and he cried, then he broke his arm and cried, and the Gnomes stabbed him he was upset about it."

"Oh. Well what do we do. Dipper, you know you can't... you know... what did you expect to happen? You're not going to get better overnight, especially with Bill here. He's the one that broke you."

"I know Mabel."

"He's going to need a lot of... manual help. Can you handle that?"

Dipper was silent. "I don't know." He buried his face in his hands. Mabel faced Bill.

"Cipher," He jumped and turned his attention to her. "I'm going to make this very clear to you, so you don't dare do it again." She continued and Bill nodded.

"You broke my brother. You destroyed him. His mind, body and soul. He can't live anymore, not like he used to, none of us can. You don't remember, and that's fine for now. But you did something really bad. And the when we thought it was over you took over my brothers mind for years. People can't touch him anymore, they can't talk to him. And it's your fault. You shattered everything that used to be my brother. You stole him from me. I don't think that you can ever make up for what you did. But if Dipper wants to help you... then I'm not going to object, because I want him to get better. But if you ever hurt him again, so help me you Dorito demon... I will hurt you so badly that you wished you were dead. Understand?"

Bill nodded. "Y-yes. I promise that I will do my best. To protect him, to make up for whatever I did. But... please tell me what I did. I... I don't know what I did!"

"Bill, " Said Dipper, "You can't know. Not yet. It's... I can't, I don't want to think about it. Just... Not yet, okay?"



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