16. falling

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Song : Taio Cruz
Break your heart
"If you fall for me I'm not easy to please, I might tear you apart, I'm only going to break your heart" - Taio Cruz

Changing the topic I ask,

"Why did he buy you all these?"

"For the party tonight, I chose that for you," Jess says picking a black crop top and red shorts to match.

"Tonight? It's Thursday," I say.

"So?" Jessica says looking at me like I was an alien.

"You have school tomorrow," I say.

"Jess have you been to any of your classes this week?" I ask. Suspecting she hasn't.

"No one attends the first week," She says.

I open my mouth to state how ridiculous her theory is considering my classes have been full and I've been attending but her phone pings interrupting me.

She looks at it.

"Our ride will be here soon, you should start getting dressed," She says. I open my mouth to refuse. Then remember the call with James. This will be a perfect distraction. Plus I can walk back before 10 since I now know the way, a mere 10 minute walk back to our hall.

"Okay," I say getting up.

Jess gasps.

"Did you just agree without arguing?" Jess says. I smile.

"Yes but just this once and I'll be back by 10 so I'll just be there for an hour and walk back," Jess chuckles and puts on her extremely tight crop top.

    Goodness how does she breathe in that? It held tightly to her chest outlining her breasts.

"Isn't that too tight?" I ask.

"Not tight enough," She says putting on her shorts. I want to comment on it but decide to keep quiet. She's not like you Hera, I tell myself sighing as I open up the bag she got me. I bring out the clothing, it's a teal dress with long sleeves and an open back. I place it back in the bag and throw it in my laundry bag.

I walk to my drawer and pick a long black gown. It's a long sleeved gown with a collar, the gown flows to my feet. One of my favorites. I put it on and tie my hair up in a pony tail after which I sit on Jessica's bed next to her as she places her makeup on.

"Do you want some make up?" She asks not looking at me, focused on her make up box.

"No, thank you," I reply.

She continues with her makeup and I focus on my phone. Her phone rings and she picks it up.

"I'll send Hera, I'm not ready," She says, I look up from my phone.

"Hera, he's waiting downstairs, leave first I'll hitch another ride and meet you there" she says.

"I can wait and we can both walk there," I say feeling bad leaving without her.

"Walk?" She laughs and stops abruptly looking at me with a look of horror.

"What are you wearing?" She asks.

"A dress?" I reply, surely she didn't go momentarily blind.

"What about the dress I got you?" She asks.

I point to my side of the room.

She walks over to my closet to find it while I rush to the door.

"I'll see you there!" I call out as I run out of the room not wanting to hurt her feelings by not wearing the dress.

"Hera!" She calls.

I run down the stairs not waiting to take the elevator and risk her stopping me. Stopping to breathe, I walk outside and look back laughing pleased at myself for escaping.
     As I walk forward whole looking back,I crash into someone loosing balance and tethering backwards.

A hand grabs me by my waist pushing me back up coming face to face with Lexis.
"Is this going to become our thing? Your falling each time we meet?" He asks smirking.


Lol sometimes finding the right song isn't easy.
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