"Do I know you?" I manage to choke out. Without saying anything, he moves forward and swings my suitcase off in one fluid motion, as if it weighed nothing. 

"My parents are Liz and Marcus. They sent me here to pick you up, but I should honestly say I was expecting some nerdy, scrawny girl. Not," he gestured to my body, causing me to turn a furious red, "all this." 

It was so like to parents to forget to mention I would be staying with a teenage boy. 

A very HOT teenage boy. 


"I'm Colton, in advance for tonight." 

We were seated in his car, which was very nice to say the least. It looked expensive. After the little luggage incident, Colton had led me to this car in silence and now we were driving to the home I would stay at for god knows how long. 

"Tonight?" I peer at him in confusion. 

"When you'll be screaming my name," he winks. (Gif on the right ------>)

My jaw drops. "Did you- excuse me?!" I manage to stutter out. "Ew! God, no! What?" I shake my head repeatedly and turn a shade that resembles a tomato. He laughs at my reaction. 

"I'm sure that you were thinking about it." 

"God no! What is wrong with you?" I gaped at me. 

"Nothing, obviously." He smirked, running a hand through his hair. 

Curse that beautifully tousled hair. 

"Are you always so..." I trailed off, trying to find the right word. 

"Perfect? Handsome? Charming?" Colton cut in, adding his own words. 

"I was going to say something along the lines of pompus, stuckup, egotistical, disgusting." I said in a flat tone, facing straight ahead and taking in the view. 

"But doesn't this attitude turn you on just a little bit?" Colton's blue eyes twinkled as he noticed my blush. 

"No! Stop talking like that! Just stop!" I exclaimed, frustrated.

I was going to have stay with this pig? 

Granted, a very good-looking pig. 


"Here we are," Colton told me, parking the car into the driveway. 

"Thank god," I muttered. Colton was constantly talking about himself on the whole ride here, so basically I just sat there, staring out the window, hearing but not listening. 

I glanced up at the house and froze. 


"Is this some kind of joke?" I spat, closing my car door. 

"Nope," Colton popped the 'p.' "My parents are both the heirs of my extremely wealthy grandparents and they're doctors... so, yeah." 

He went inside, not even bothering to help me with my bags. 

Go figure. 

Lugging my two suitcases behind me, I entered the house, where I was greeted where a woman and a man were scolding Colton. 

"Colton! You shouldn't just have-" The lady stopped, noticing me. 

"Oh! Hi, sweetheart! I'm Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz! You must be Juliet! How nice to meet you!" She gushed, coming up and giving me a huge hug. She was quite pretty with dirty-blonde hair, like Colton's and green eyes. 

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