~Author's Note~

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Heya! Yeah, I know what yall are thinking! "Arghhh, another Author's Note!?"
Well, sorry. I just updated a freshly writen Chapter #2, so.. read that! I know my chapters aren't much, but.. I'm most likely going to update daily, and I posted 2 chapters today!
Anywho, let's talk Deerper. I was wondering if I should, like, make him more deer like.
Ya know, the more "follow instincts and not my brain" kind of thing. I was wondering if I should add that. Also, should I take away Dipper's voice, too? I mean, I need your guys opinions for that first, right? I wanna make it so he can only make deer noises and stuff, but at the same time, I don't. I mean, if I do do that, then I'll still include his thoughts and everything, but, Bill and others won't know what he's thinking so he'll basically be mute. A side, from, like, some deer noises.
I need to know before tomorrow afternoon! That's when I'm going to be starting the next chapter and I'll also need to add a couple new tags if I add the mute thing.

And, if you have any suggestions or tips for me, please let me know!; either in the comments or just PM me.

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