Blake Gray

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You watched as your boyfriend placed his hands on his hips, looking down at you laying on the bed. "What?" you questioned, smiling.

He fixed his glasses, still looking down at you. "It's not funny." he stated. "I don't know what you're talking about?" you lied smoothly. "C'mon baby," he whined, pulling on his sweat pants. "What?" you asked childishly. Blake looked down at you, feigning a glare. "I can't go to practice like this, you know they record us!" he whined. You placed your hands behind your head, still staring up at your boyfriend, letting the blanket on top of you slip slightly to reveal half of your naked breast.
Blake gaze fell to the small part of your exposed breast. "What is this?" he demanded, turning back into that motherly tone he had with his members. You purred, using your finger to call him into the bed. "Just one round baby, then I promise I'll give you back your boxers." you smiled. He looked at you, analyzing you. "You promise?" he asked. You nodded enthusiastically as you saw him take off his wife beater, before pulling down his pants to expose his semi-hard cock. "I hate you for this." he breathed, climbing under the covers with you. "You know what happens when you deny me Blake." you cooed as he shifted on top of you. He glared pinching your nipple roughly. "You're such a slut for my cock." he laughed. "Hey!" you laughed. "Is there something you have to tell me? None of my previous boyfriends complained about me giving it up to them, are you gay?" you teased. Blake gasped, glaring down at you now. "I'm not gay." he hissed, smashing his lips to yours in a rough kiss. "And don't ever talk about any other man having you than me." he warned, pulling on your nipples as he let his knee rub against your core.
You moaned, arching your back as your hands crept down to pump his cock. "You know I'm just kidding baby." you smiled, as he looked up at you, sinking his lips over one of your rosy buds. One of your hands sneaked into his hair pulling gently, as you continued to stroke him up and down, spreading his precum along his shaft. He continued to assault your breasts, as he rocked into your hand. His phone rang, the ringtone of his boss. "Fuck." he whispered re-positioning himself. "We'll have to be quick baby." He apologized kissing your lips. You nodded, as you felt his blunt tip push against you. You wrapped your legs around him, bringing him down into you. You both moaned loudly. Blake started to thrust in and out of you, as his hand gripped your hip tightly. Your hips began rocking to meet his thrusts. You felt him pull all the way out before slamming back into you. You felt the jolt as he hit that one bundle of nerves inside you. You moaned loudly, racking your fingers along his back. "Again Blake!" you yelled. He placed his head on your shoulder, pounding into you furiously. His finger dipped down your body as he continued to thrust into you at the same angle.
His thumb began to rub your clit, as he felt his toes curling. You moaned at the new sensation, your orgasm crashing into you like a tidal wave. Blake moaned as he felt your juices spurt around his cock, letting him slide in easier and faster. The heat engulfed him, pulling him into ecstasy. He released his seed into you, biting into your neck harshly.
As you both claimed your breath, you stroked his hair gently. The ringtone of his boss began again and he groaned, rolling off of you. "I have to go." he breathed, rocking slightly inside of you. You moaned, holding onto him. "No." you pouted. He looked at you smiling. "I'll make it up to you." he kissed the tip of your nose. You smiled, finally agreeing. "Your underwear are in the bottom drawer of the bathroom." He nodded, as he pulled out of you and slipped out of bed. You rolled over leaning on your side, your hand supporting your head. "I love you." you whispered. Blake looked up at you smiling as he tugged on his shirt. "Don't look like such a seductress, I might just skip practice." he blushed, as he saw you naked thigh hanging out of the sheets, the only part not exposed was the ones he wanted to see the most. "I'll be waiting here till you get back. In this exact spot, in the exact thing I'm not wearing." you winked playfully. Blake rolled his eyes as he turned away from you to go collect his underwear.
Every fiber of his being wanted to fuck you again, but he had to get to practice. As he came out of the bathroom, pulling on his sweats he looked at you. "I'll keep you to that." he stated. You nodded blowing him a kiss. "Hurry back!" you called. Blake smiled as he walked out the door, knowing what to expect once he came back home.

So... How was blakes?😂😏😏

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