Absolem's Prophecy

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I coughed again, fanning the smoke out of my face.

"Why are we here to see whoever the hell we're seeing?" I looked to Hatter, but Ches replied.

"Absolem is the wisest creature in Wonderland. He knows everything about everyone. He can also tell you the future, and give you the answer to any question you could think to ask."

Niall looked to Ches. "Well why does he have to smoke so damn much?"

"Because." A voice answered up ahead through the smoke.

Perched on a throne chair made of mushroom sat a figure, sucking on the end of a hookah pipe. As they got closer Niall recognized the figure as Zayn.

"It relaxes me, and helps to find the answers no one else can find." He said slowly blowing smoke rings in the air.

"Zayn? What the hell are you doing here? Please tell me you don't believe that -" I started. Absolem rose from his chair.

"Why is it, that you, Niall, don't believe? The proof is by far outstanding. This is Wonderland." Absolem puffed more smoke in Niall's face.

"It's not possible that this is Wonderland. Wonderland is a fictional place, in a children's movie." Niall replied, fanning the smoke away.

"What questions have you all come to ask?" Absolem sat back in his chair.

Hatter stepped forward. "The prophecy, Absolem. I wanted to know if this boy could possibly be the one."

Absolem choked on the smoke he had just inhaled. He stood up again and this time stood in Niall's face, the end of the hookah at the edge of his mouth. He stared Niall in the face.

"Mate. I hate to tell you this, but, your breath is not supposed to smell like a chimney." Niall said covering his nose.

Absolem took a step back and looked to Hatter.

"Sadly, this is the boy." He said, blowing smoke in Niall's direction. Everyone gasped as Absolem sat back down.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Niall asked confused. Nobody answered him, and Absolem blew more smoke in his face. Niall coughed again fanning it away.

"You, boy," Absolem began. "Are supposed to save Wonderland."

Niall stared at him. ( .__.)

"You're not serious, are you? What the hell am I to save it from?" Niall realized he was shouting and calmed himself down.

"The Queen of Hearts." Absolem answered evenly. His calm was making Niall want to throttle him more than he already did.

Niall decided to play along. "The Queen of Hearts. How am I to save Wonderland from her?"

Hatter spoke up, "Kill her, of course. Knife to the heart."

Niall tried to wrap his head around killing someone. He shook away his thoughts. "Sounds easy enough."

"Which is why it will be difficult." Absolem stood again and walked back to Niall's face. "The Queen of Hearts doesn't have a heart."

"So she's already dead?" Niall asked, more confused than when he met the Twiddles.

"No. The Blood Queen is one of the most powerful beings in all of Wonderland. Powerful because of the magic she possesses. When she found out that someone told her weakness, she had them beheaded and her heart magically removed." Absolem said before exhaling more smoke.

"Her heart is kept highly guarded in a tower of her castle." Ches said with a flick of his tail. Absolem nodded.

"So I'm supposed to find it and stab it?" Niall said. He couldn't believe he was kind of starting to think this was all real.

"Exactly, but you must understand if you can stab the heart before you're killed, all the Blood Queen's magic will be broken." Absolem said turning to walk back to his chair.

"What's this to do with me?" Niall asked again.

Ches smiled. "Her magic brought you here."

Niall stood there, not speaking or blinking for a short while.

"Stab the heart. Break her magic, and I go home?" He said finally. Absolem gave a short nod.

Something bugged Niall. "Absolem, the prophecy Hatter spoke of. What exactly is the prophecy?" He asked.

Absolem didn't answer him immediately, but when he finally did, he answered slowly.

"An Earth child would come to Wonderland." Absolem began. "Her story would be told across the world, different versions yet never faltering away from Wonderland. Alice's story was true, though Disney did child proof it."

Absolem took a slow drag from the hookah. "When Alice returned to Earth, the Blood Queen went on a sort of rampage. She imprisoned her own sister and would have beheaded her, had we not rescued her and returned her to her own kingdom, the White Kingdom."

"Her sister is the White Queen, a much nicer version of her elder sister. Rightful Queen of Wonderland had her sister not stolen the crown and beheaded her own parents." Ches said stretching.

"Alice had children, got old and eventually died, as people do on Earth." Absolem continued. "Time here, in Wonderland, moves considerably slower than Earth's. The prophecy is that Alice's descendant, would come to Wonderland and save us from our tyrant."

Absolem looked to Niall, inhaling from his hookah again. Niall stared back at him.

"I still don't understand why I'm here." Niall said sighing and slumping a bit more.

"When the Blood Queen got word of the prophecy, she casted a spell that would bring Alice's descendant to Wonderland around their 18th birthday. When's your birthday?" Ches asked flicking his tail around.

"About two weeks. So you mean to tell me that because of my great-great-great-great-great whatever she is to me, escaping Wonderland, I have to save this place from a stupid old hag?" Niall asked sitting on a nearby mushroom.

"Either that or die." Ches said smiling widely as he laid on the ground lazily.

"Ches, don't scare the poor boy." Hatter said lightly kicking Ches in the side, and going to sit next to Niall. Hatter looked Niall in the eyes and grasped his hands.

"If you promise to save Wonderland, I promise to do anything in my power to help you on your journey." Hatter said.Niall felt his cheeks warm.

Ches scoffed. "What are you going to do? Build a fort out of hats?"

Niall laughed as Absolem cleared his throat.

"There is something I forgot to mention, Niall." Absolem said before inhaling from his hookah slowly.

"What is it?" Niall asked hoping it wasn't bad news.

Ches turned over and propped his head up on his hands, and smiled.

"Cuddles." Ches said simply.

"Cuddles?" Niall questioned looking to Absolem.

"You'll have to fight the Queen's pet. It's name is Cuddles." Absolem answered simply. Hatter shook his head.

"Please." Niall laughed loudly. "Cuddles? What is it, a hamster?"

Ches smiled wider and let out a chuckle. Hatter looked at Niall and took a deep breath.

"Cuddles is," He let out the breath and took another. "A fire breathing dragon."

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