Chapter 20

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Tris P.O.V:
++One Week Later++

Today's the day! My baby will be born today!!!

I woke up about 2 hours ago (5am!!) in extreme pain and realised that the bed was wet... My waters broke! So me and Uriah rushed to the hospital while Christina looked after Verity and Tiny. By the way, Christina had her own baby about a month ago; a baby girl called Anna.

After arriving to the hospital, I immediately got a bed and we spent 4 hours in there.

At 3:46 in the morning, little baby boy Xavier Pedrad. Soon we'll all be one big happy family. When me and Uriah get married (not too long now!) and when Uriah adopts Verity (that's happening!), we'll all be one big happy family.
Another really short chapter but baby boy Xaiver's born (pronounced Zay-Vee-Er)! I think I'll have to do Instagram on my laptop but there's an introductory post and one saying that this is up! So go follow that (and probably add post notifications😝) to find out when it's up!
- Emilee xx

P.S. I'm not planning on this book to end anytime soon (I'm hoping 100 chapters) but when it's done, would you like a sequel for Verity and Xavier's teenage lives?

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