Chapter 3: Pocket full 'o lies

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Jacob's POV

I step into her house, hit with that sweet smell of lavender. She walks over to the couch, and places herself onto the cushion. Assuming I am supposed to follow her, I do. Then sit down, facing my torso and head towards her. I begin to speak, but become cut off.
"Look, I-"

Alex's POV

We sit on the couch, and me already knowing what he was going to say, I cut him off as soon as he spoke.
"Look, I-" I cut him off, as calmly as possible.
"No, your not Jacob. All of this drama, and bullying. You meant for it to happen, you're not sorry, all your doing is apologizing AGAIN and then later on going to make me feel special then throw me away! I'm not a piece of garbage!" I yell, then calming myself down. Instantly I regret yelling, since I knew what was going to come next.

Jacob's POV

She's right... I have always done that, why have I always done that?
I do not what came over me, but the next thing I knew my hand flung sideways, causing a strong, recognizable sound... I just slapped Alex. I just HURT Alex...What have I done, I don't know what came over me I just thou-.... Wait, what?
She isn't crying?
She always crys!
What's happening?

Skylar's POV

Weston and I are walking up to Alex's porch, holding hands, about to talk to her about... Weston and I, and how happy we are.
We usually just walk in.
And. Sadly.... We did...
We walk in, Alex is laying on the floor, holding her cheek, while Jacob is comforting her!?!? WHAT!?!?
I sprint over and push him away, I see her cheek is red.. Did he smack her?
"DID HE JUST... JUST SLAP YOU!?!!" I yell.
"No, no, no, he didn't, he came here to talk to me about something and I fell off the couch and smacked my cheek against the table!!" She explains, pointing to her glass table beside her.
I know I should, but I don't believe her...
"You should go.." She says to Weston and I.
We nod and walk out, we shut the door and sit on the porch.

Jacob's POV

She, lied for me.
I see her lift herself up, slowly walking towards me, and she did the un-thinkable. She smacked me back, harder then I have ever felt, she start to scream, tears running down her checks, splashing ontothe floor. She continues smacking, and hitting me, while screaming and crying. I hear the door burst open, it's Skylar and Weston... Hah, I'm in deep, deep shit......Skyler pulls Alex off of me and walks her over to the couch. Weston walks over to me, with his fists clenched, body trembling, and his face, pure red. I knew what was coming, so I did it first. I threw a punch, then another, then multiple more. He falls to the ground, with a bloody mouth, and nose. You can see a black eye forming. I slowly start to walk back, and run out the door.

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