I've been one since the age of 8. The only thing I could remember are the backs of my parents. They didn't even look at me when I left. Hell, they couldn't get rid of me sooner. God forbid someone ruin their reputation like I did. Such a disgrace to the family. So, I was forced to live with the other disgrace of the family. I'm glad I like her though. 

"Ty! Montavius is here!" Aunt Shelly yelled from downstairs. I just finished putting on light eyeliner and powder on my face. 

"Thanks, Shell!" I started making my way downstairs, making sure I had my wallet and phone with me. Montavius and I were just gonna go get dinner for the night and I was maybe gonna stay over at his house. No biggie. 

Shelly saw me come down the steps in my black heels and smiled at me, "Someone's looking nice tonight." 

I smirked back at her. She wasn't the best role model, but she was good enough for me. I was wearing a black mini dress that I found at a sale last week. How could I pass up an 85% offer? Nah. I looked too hot in it. "Thanks. Figured I'd get dressed up tonight." 

Montavius came up from behind her and made an exaggerated face, "Damn, babe. Look at those legs. You better be careful now. You know how guys are when you show some skins."

I laughed. Montavius always had me laughing, "Oh, I'll be fine. That's what I got you for, right?" 

Montavius scoffed and rolled his eyes, "Hun, I can't make any promises. One minute I'm playing Mr.macho, the next--" He snapped his fingers, "--I'm letting Mr.macho play me." 

I shook my head at  him, "Oh, please. Mr.Macho would be too busy with me." I teased him. 

He stuck his tongue out at me and headed to the kitchen. I simply laughed and rolled my eyes. Montavius was my best friend, so of course I loved him like a brother. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around. Aunt Shelly had a look of concern on her face, it made me change my mood. I saw the weak smile spread across her lips. "Tavyra. I need to be serious with you for a moment." She looked earnest and I knew this wouldn't come across often, "You need to be careful out there okay?" 

Was this about the dress? God, she knew I wasn't getting off easy for  this, "Look. I'm bringing Montavius with me. I have pepper spray in my wallet. No one's gonna bother us tonight. Plus, it's only a movie." I began to walk away to join 'Tavius in the kitchen, but Aunt Shelly grabbed me by the arm, pretty painfully actually. "Ow!" 

"I'm not talking about those boys." She looked towards the kitchen to check on 'Tavius. He was still preoccupied making his snack. She lowered her voice to make sure he couldn't hear us, "Those werewolf boys." I sighed. I've been trying to run from that reality for years now. It's almost as if she won't let me live in my ignorant world, "Montavius can't protect you from them. They're ruthless out there.'' I simply looked away from her. Maybe I could hold onto my blissful world a little bit longer. "Any luck with your wolf?" She asked after a couple of moments, hesitant to even ask. 

I snapped my neck towards her. How dare she ask me. "Of course I haven't. It's been almost 10 years. It's not coming back. Why don't you just give it up like I did?" I pulled my arm away from her, not even wanting her to touch me anymore. It always made me sick thinking about my wolf and having this conversation. "Just let me be normal." My shoulders fell. This is why I wanted to get out of the house. "Please." I begged her. 

I decided to get out of the house before things got worse. I opened the door and headed towards Montavius' red car. He'll know where I'll be eventually. 

We came out of the movie theaters in fits of laughter. The movie was great and fun. Even better that I saw it with my best friend. "That part where she--she--" He was laughing too much to finish the sentence. I smiled hard at him as we stumbled down the street. I wrapped my arm around him as we started our way down the block. We stopped to get some food before the movie so we parked a couple of blocks away. 

"Ay, girl. Come talk to me real quick." I heard a voice call out and I looked back. There were three, muscled guys leaning against the wall. It was hard to see in the dark, but I could see all of their eyes on me. 

I rolled my eyes, annoyed that they decided to talk to me even with Montavius around. I tried to be polite and smile back, but that seemed to make things worse. One of the other boys whistled at me. God, how arrogant. I tried to push Montavius along so I wouldn't have to talk to them, but one of them cornered us off from continuing our journey. He towered over the both of us, probably on purpose, "I think he was talking to ya." 

I was done trying to play the nice girl. I narrowed my eyes, "Well, just tell him I'll talk to him tomorrow." I heard the other two close the circle around us. All of them were strong and powerful. I wasn't getting a good feeling about this. 

One of them grabbed my arm forcibly, trying to pull me their way, "I said com'ere!" He yelled in my ear. 

"Get off'a her!" Montavius leaped into action and was able to break his hand away. I was so proud of 'Tavius. He was never the biggest jock, but he always stood up for me. I saw the guy clench his fists and he had pure rage in his eyes. The next sound I could hear was the sick, wet smack of his fist going to Montavius' eye. I gasped as he fell to the ground unconscious. 

"Now, where were we?" I glared at him. He has some nerve. He gave me a crooked smile with sharpening teeth. That's when I realized they aren't just harassers. They're werewolves. 

The other two laughed and chuckled under their breath as they slowly closed in around me. I tried to reason with them, "I'm not here for trouble. I'm not even one of you anymore, so please. Leave me and my friend alone." 

"Anymore?" He threw his head back as he laughed, "Boys. We got ourselves a rouge." 

Another piped up, "I bet no one's gonna miss her." 

"Her and her little friend." The last said. 

I hovered over 'Tavius to make sure he wasn't gonna be hurt in all of this. They're after me anyway, "You don't want to do this. I-I-I got a whole pack behind me." I lied. I haven't been in a pack for years. "They wouldn't stop until they know all of you are dead. I promise you that. They'd rage war."

One of them stopped in their tracks, "War?" He looked over at the other two, "Donny, Alpha wouldn't like that. He'd have our heads."

The one named Donny scoffed, "She's bluffing. Since when do rouges still have packs to go to?" 

He was right. I was bluffing. But I held my best poker face, "You're talking to a future Luna. I'm not scared to send an army after you." 

The third became more hesitant as well, "Don. If she really is a Luna. Why are we taking this chance?" 

Don looked me up and down. He knew I was lying, but his buddies were too scared to proceed. We would be alright if he wasn't willing to take us alone...

Don snarled and growled at me. I wasn't all the scared of his sharp teeth and black eyes. I was used to it, but that didn't make it any less menacing. "Fine. Get back to the pack. Alpha doesn't need to know about this...altercation." He addressed his boys, "Isn't that right....Luna?" 

I nodded quickly, noticing Montavius starting to wake up. He doesn't know about the werewolf wolf inside of the mundy world and I want to keep it that way with him. "Yeah. Yeah. Won't hear from me. Now scram, before all of us have bigger problems." I picked up 'Tavius' head and put it in my hands. Donny moved his boys out and away from us. I watched as they descended back into the dark shadows. A groan escaped from 'Tavius' lips and I looked down, watching his eyes flutter open and letting him be greeted by a soft smile and voice, "Hey you feeling?" 

He sat up and held his head. It probably hurt like hell and I felt so bad for putting him in that position. "A-are they gone?" The first thing he says is a question. 

I nodded, "They're gone." I examined his eye in the street light, "It looks like you've got a bit of a shiner." I didn't notice it before but he was definitely bruised. And I think it was getting worse, "Com'on. Let's get you home." I took the keys from his pocket so I could get him home for the night. 

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