Ridin' ⋙ p r o l o g u e

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Katherine Rae Grimes was the definition of the All American Girl. She was the cheer captain with the perfect life. Her father, Rick, was a sheriffs deputy and her mother, Lori, was a housewife. She had a little brother named Carl as well. Katherine was a senior in high school and was getting ready to go off to Penn State in the fall. This was the crowning achievement of Katherine's life. She worked her ass off all throughout school and had obtained a full academic and athletic scholarship. Truth be told, Katherine Grimes had her whole life in front of her and she couldn't wait.

"Katherine! Carl and I are home!" She heard her mother Lori yell. "Lets go get your hair done!" Katherine got up off of her bed and made her way down the stairs to her mother and younger brother. Tonight was Katherine's senior prom and she was beyond excited. She rounded the corner just in time to watch her little brother roll his eyes. "But mom why do I have to go?" Katherine chuckled. "Honey you're too young to stay home." Carl groaned again. "You'll be fine, Bud." Katherine said as she ruffled Carl's hair. Despite Katherine's light attitude, she was quite irritated with her mother. She felt as if she was far too protective. For instance, Kat wasn't allowed to stay home alone until she was 16 and had her driver's license. But whatever. Kat wasn't going to let it ruin her day.


The trio arrived home from the hair salon at around 4:30 in the afternoon. Kat's hair was perfectly coiffed, but it took forever. Carl was in fine form by the time that the group made it home. "Geez, Kat. Have enough hair?" Kat rolled her eyes at her little brother. "Shut up nerd." Carl laughed and followed her to her room. "How man would ya be if I cut it all off?" At this point the siblings were at Kat's door. She turned and looked her little brother dead in the eyes. "Carl I'm gonna punch you in the face." Carl smirked. "No you won't." "You're right, but how about the next best thing?" Carl cocked a brow. Kat stood up and yelled at the top of her lungs at her mom. "MOM! CARL WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!" Carl gave her a look of betrayal and Kat dipped into her room right as Lori began to yell at Carl. Katherine would have to hurry up and get dressed seeing as she was supposed to meet her prom group and her date, Tyler, soon. She threw on a nice mauve lip color and a sharp black wing. She put her earrings and necklace on. It was now time for the dress. "Mom! Can you come help me with my dress?" "Yes honey. Be there in a second." A giant smile spread across Katherine's face. She was so excited for this night. She heard a knock on her door and she turned around right as Lori stepped in. Katherine grabbed a bag containing her dress and pulled it out. Lori looked like she was going to cry and Kat rolled her eyes. Katherine stepped into the dress and pulled it up. It was a gorgeous silver mermaid dress. It hugged every one of Kat's curves perfectly. She sat down on her bed and slipped her heels on and she was done. She looked up at Lori who let out a sob. "My baby girl is growing up!" She exclaimed as she pulled Kat into a hug. Kat knew it was best not to protest and she hugged her mom back. "Mom it's okay. I promise. You still have Carl!" Lori stepped back and chuckled a bit as she wiped her eyes. "Yeah you're right honey. But I don't want to cry anymore. We're gonna be late to take pictures with everyone." Kat nodded and followed her mother down the stairs. "What about dad? Is he gonna make it?" Lori grabbed her purse. "Yes honey. Daddy and Shane are gonna meet us there. Let's go, Carl!" Kat rolled her eyes and groaned. "Why Shane? He's such a dick!" Kat said as the three made their way out to the car. "Katherine Rae Grimes watch your language. Especially around Carl." Kat pulled a face. "And Shane is an important part of this family. He's your father's best friend." Kat once again knew it was best to not argue with her mom. Kat had known Shane her entire life. And she pretty much hated him. He was such a cocky asshole and it drove her crazy. There were a couple of times that she and Carl would have to stay with him when Rick and Lori were out of town. Shane would always take them out to eat and he would just sit there and try and pick up chicks. He was so entitled and he acted like he was God's gift to women. But the part that pissed her off the most was that he was so damn attractive.


The group had all finally met up and were in the midst of taking pictures. There was still no sign of Rick and Shane. Kat was slightly relieved by this. Her date, Tyler, leaned in and whispered in her ear: "Where's your dad? I don't feel right hanging out with you unless theres a cop or two staring me down." Kat laughed and shrugged her shoulders. "I have no clue." But Katherine spoke too soon seeing as there was a cop car pulling up to the park. The car parked and Rick and Shane stepped out. The group had kinda split for a second, the two officers providing a welcomed distraction from all of the pictures that were being taken. Katherine made her way over to her dad. "Daddy you made it!" She exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around him in a hug. "Honey I wouldn't miss this for the world." The two shared a smile. She turned and looked at Shane. "Hey Shane. Thanks for coming." Shane smiled and nodded at the girl as everyone grouped up again. A few more photos were snapped of the group which mainly consisted of football players and other girls on the cheer team. Some were taken of the individual couples and now they were onto the families. Kat took a few with her mom, dad, Carl, and Shane, some without Shane and some with each individual person. "Kat, stand with Shane!" Rick yelled to her. Katherine nodded. She and Shane stood side by side awkwardly. "Pretend like you like each other!" Lori yelled. Shane put an arm around her shoulder and smiled down at the girl while she had her arms around his mid section. The two were good at faking it, that's for sure. Kat was annoyed and it was relatively evident on her face, but she wasn't going to let Shane ruin her big night and fantastic weekend. Little did Katherine know that this would be the last normal weekend of her life.

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