Chapter Thirteen: Happy Memories

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"It hasn't changed a bit," Gabriela mused staring up at the cabin, she was a little surprised to see how well it looked and she couldn't believe that it had coped so well since she had last been there. 

From what she knew, Billy wasn't able to make it out here anymore and Gabriela was sure that no one else would come here; it made Gabriela a little nervous wondering who had come here. 

It had always been the holiday home that the Blacks and her family had shared and with neither of them able to use it anymore; Gabriela had assumed that it would have fallen into disrepair. 

Jacob nodded his head, he peeked at Gabriela knowing that she would be curious about why this place didn't look worse than it was; it was in remarkable shape for being left alone so much. 

"I sometimes come here with Embry and Quil," Jacob explained not really telling her the truth, it was true that Embry and Quil had been here at one time but it was mainly used by the pack when they needed somewhere to sleep without being disturbed. 

There were a lot of reasons that they might not be able to sleep when they were at home and so Billy had agreed for them to use the cabin since it was so quiet. 

The pack had made sure to do the place up and it looked good now after falling apart for years since no one was around to use it. 

"It looks good," Gabriela mused with a small smile, she had so many happy memories of this place and they all seemed centred around Jacob; she had never thought much about the summers that she spent here with him. 

Now there was no avoiding the time that she had spent here with Jacob, Gabriela chewed on her lip wondering if this was going to be a problem.


Stepping into a bedroom, Gabriela set down her bag and moved to sit down on the bed a little amazed; the outside of the cabin might have been the same but the inside had really been revamped. 

It was so much nicer than what Gabriela remembered and she'd assumed there would be an airbed waiting for here like there used to be; now there was a Queen size bed in its place. 

This certainly was a lot better than how Gabriela had expected to spend the next few days; she had been dreading it and she was sure that they would be heading to the waterfall tomorrow. 

It was at least another day's trip from here and it surprised her how fast all of this was going, Gabriela had almost thought that this would take longer and she was almost sad that it was moving so fast. 

A part of her enjoyed spending time with Jacob and Gabriela doubted that it would be easy for them to keep contact when she went back to San Diego. 

A knock at the door made her jump and Gabriela brushed some hair from her face, she turned to look up at Jacob who was smiling at her; he seemed kind of relaxed with them being here now. 

"I was just thinking," Gabriela murmured making Jacob chuckle, this had been the room that the two of them had been stuffed into during the trips their families had taken. 

The twins had gotten their own rooms because they were older and their parents had their rooms; it was still strange to think those times were truly gone. 

"Remember that time your dad tried to start a BBQ in the back garden and set fire to the tree behind it," Gabriela said smiling, it had been back when Billy wasn't in a wheelchair and he'd had a bit too much to drink along with Gabriela's father. 

The two had watched amused while Billy and Michael tried to put the fire out while their wives scolded them for being so stupid and putting everyone at risk.

Jacob chuckled and nodded his head, he remembered that day well and it had been so funny when Charlie Swan had shown up looking less than pleased at the other mens' actions that could have started a forest fire. 

"It feels like that was ages ago," Gabriela whispered biting at her lip, she had never thought that things would change so much and she remembered how Rachel and Rebecca had teased her for playing with Jacob all the time. 

Jacob nodded his head, he also couldn't believe that things had changed so much and he wished that he could go back to the past before he'd had all of this dropped on his shoulders. 

Nothing seemed to make sense anymore and it made Jacob miss being a child, he wanted things to be simple again and he knew that wasn't ever going to happen; he was going to have to face the mess that was waiting for him. 

After the mess with Gabriela had been sorted out, Jacob was going to sort out the mess with Nessie and find out what was going; he knew that she was hiding things from him. 

"I'm going to go and get some wood for the fire," Jacob announced wanting to clear his mind, he didn't want to be thinking about his problems with Nessie while he was here with Gabriela; he had no idea what was even going on with her. 

Nodding her head, Gabriela could see that something was bothering him but she didn't want to push; she watched Jacob leave before laying back on the bed. 

It wasn't her place to get involved if he was having relationship problems, in fact Gabriela wanted to avoid that sort of talk especially if it made her think of things like her own relationship with Daniel.


Chopping up wood, Jacob focused on his work instead of his thoughts on the mess that he had found himself in; he had no idea how any of this was going to work out especially with him not having all the details. 

The hairs on the back of Jacob's neck stood on end and he stopped what he was doing, he swallowed before turning around to look into the forest; it felt like something was watching him. 

Jacob was sure that if it was one of his pack-mates then they would come forward so that he could see them; they had no reason to worry about Gabriela since she was inside. 

Setting down the axe, Jacob took a few wary steps towards the tree-line and tried to see what was setting his wolf on edge; he didn't want any more trouble right now. 

"I was thinking about starting dinner," Gabriela called making Jacob stop and look at her, he stared at her as she stood by the doorway completely unaware of anything else but him. 

Nodding his head, Jacob stepped back away from the trees and collected the fire wood; he wanted to make sure they had enough to last them the next couple of days. 

Gabriela watched Jacob closely, he seemed suddenly so tense and she hoped that everything was okay; she peeked about wondering if he had seen a wolf or a bear lurking in the woods that had worried him. 

Waiting on the porch until Jacob reached her, Gabriela offered him a small smile before heading inside so that she could start dinner; she hadn't liked the idea of leaving him alone out there without someone to help him. 

Jacob waited until Gabriela was inside before he looked back to the tress hoping that there was nothing out there; he didn't want to have to deal with any trouble right now. 

Watching as the shape-shifter entered the house, the vampire smirked from her hiding place knowing that this was going to be fun; she enjoyed screwing up romantic holidays and having destroyed people's lives.

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