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*Warning sexual chapter*

Jose's pov

Sandra and Olivia comes back in and Olivia said the she was just going to buy something at the mall.

"Hey baby"

"Yes" she walked toward me

"Tomorrow I'm not going to be home, I just want you to know that"

"Okey I have Olivia here so I will be fine"

"Okey good ohh and if anything happens here just click on this red button and help will be here by 3 seconds" I give her a little red button that she could have in her pocket

"Okey thanks" we sit down on the couch, we just sat there until I could feel Sandra hand on my thigh moving up towards my dick
I looked at her and she just keeps her eyes on the tv, I decided to tease her too.
I phushd her down so I was on top I looked at her and just smirked

"Are you horny" I asked as I kiss her. She did answer

"Baby answer me!"

"Why" she smirked

"So you wanna play that game?"

"What game" she grabbed my dick

"Ohh ur going to pay for that" I smashed my lips and begging for entrance which She denied
She continued to deny my entrance, until i  pushed myself against her grinding my hard member against her making her moan allowing me to explore her mouth with my tongue.

Sandra's pov

"I know you want me" he smirked

"How can you be so source about that?"

"Because I know how wet you are" he said as he put his hand down my pants I let out a moan

"See what did I say, and damn you are really wet"

"Jose fuck me already"



"Hahh, I'm not going to fuck you" he said as he took off my shirt and kissed down to the end of my stomach then he ripped my pants and panties off he looks up at me then he starts kissing my thighs. He slowly licked up my slit and swirled his tongue around my clit giving me intense pleasure, and his tongue piercing makes it even better, I have actually heard that tongue piercing are for boys and it mostly for giving a girl more pleasure. He started eating me out and I was a moaning mess,
"Cum for me baby." He said seductively sending me over the edge. "Who makes you feel this good baby?"
"You do"
"Say my name Sandra Let everyone know who makes you feel this good."
"Jose" screamed and He smirked before thrusting two of his long fingers inside me. which sent me over the edge, I released my juices all over his fingers.
When we were done we lay down and I put on my clothes and Olivia just got back home and ended up eating dinner together just have a great time,

Hey Y/N I just want to say thank y'all for over 3k!!! I'm so overwhelmed and I can't thank y'all enough!!
Btw sorry for a short chapter today... I'm starting school on Monday that way! ❤️

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