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After we had our talk we decided to make some lunch

"What do you want for lunch?" He asked

"Hmm I don't know"

"Okey pizza?"


We lay down cuddling again but I couldn't stop thinking about what Jose told me, tbh I was a bit scared and I'm not a easy to scare gangs as been my life I have always been around drugs weapons.

"What are you talking about" Jose looked down at me

"No I'm just thinking about what you told me and tbh I'm a bit scared... And I'm not the first person who gets scared, it's just I have a bad feeling about this"

"Sandra he is not going to thuts you! I'm going to be here all the time"

"Okey thank you"
He kissed my forehead and we went back to watching the movie. About 10 minutes later our pizza was here and I was so hungry, we were just sitting there talking and eating our pizza. I have never been this happy in my life I started getting lost in my thoughts again,
He is everything I have been looking for I feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world and it has only been more than a week wow. I wonder if he is thinking about this much?

Jose's pov

As we were eating I think we both started drifting away, and I could stop thinking about her like wow how did I get so lucky? I have the most beautiful caring girl ever, she is everything I have been looking for. Suddenly I got snapped out of my thoughts Sandra was kissing me and I started kissing back wow I will never get tired of this I could kiss her for hours. As we both pulled back we just smiled at each other

"I will never get tired of this" I smiled at her

"Me neither" she kissed me again

"Ohh sorry" I heard a voice
We both turn around and saw Olivia

" Olivia!" Sandra runs to here

"I have missed you"

"I have missed you too" they hugged

"So I see that you guys are?"

"Yes" Sandra laugh a little

"Okey, Jose can I just talk to Sandra for a couple minutes?"

"Yes of course"
They walk out to our pool and they site down I decided to take out the duchess

Sandra's pov

"So what's up"

"Nothing special I just want to check up on my home girl"

"Ohh so what have you been doing" I asked

"Nothing really just hanging out with Jose's guys and I'm also in the gang"

"Yaas girl"

"Wait what? I thought you didn't want this?"

"You know Jose made me realize that I was born to do this and I know that I'm never going to have a normal life"

"Okey that's true! So how did you guys get together and when?"

"It's maybe 4 days ago he asked me to be his girlfriend and I'm so in love with him! He is always on my mind and I feel so safe around him"

"Aww I'm happy for you! So have you guys had you know what" she smirked at me

"Hahha yes"

"That my girl" we both started laughing

"So have you found anyone?"


"You will soon"

"Yeah, so is everything good with the gang"

"Yes, it's just that Jose got a threat from an old friend named Jack and it looks like he wasted to take me away from Jose because Jack has seen the I'm his weakness so that's the only scary thing that is going on"

"What... So you mean like he wants to kidnap you?"

"Yeah I guess because then he can ask for what ever he wants... But as long as I'm saying here I'm really safe"

"Okey good! And I'm going to stay here to!"

"Aww thanks I love you"

"I love you too bby"

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