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I woke up and Jose was still cuddling with me I could help myself but smile. I don't think I have ever felt like this towards someone,
I can't stop thinking about what happened last night. I decided to get up and take a shower but when I was trying his grip on to me tighter

"No please don't go o want to cuddle with you"
He kissed my neck

"But I have to take a shower, we can cuddle after"

"Okey but make it quick" he left me go i walked to the bathroom and took a shower when I was done I realized that I didn't have any clothes so I calls on Jose

"Jose do you have any clothes I could borrow?"

"Yes one second" he opens the door and give me some clothes, it was one of his hoodie and some sweatpants I put my hair up  and walked into the bedroom but Jose was not here

"Jose where are you"

"I'm in the living room"
I walked into the living room and I could see snakes on the table and blankets

"I thought we maybe should have a movie day just cuddle and watch movies all day"

" that sounds like a really good idea" I smiled
We both lay down he puts on the movie,
I have never felt this safe in someone arms before I think I'm falling in love

Jose's pov

When Sandra took a shower I decided that we should have a movie day so I got our blanket and got som sneaks for us to eat and pick a good movie when she got to the living room she was really surprised and happy. We cuddle and I played the movie, but I could stop thinking about her! I think I'm falling in love,
Her body is perfect, her smile, her laugh, her dark brown eyes, I can get over how beautiful she is. I will do anything for her she give me reason to smile everyday and I'm not the person that always wake up happy sometimes I can de really down or just really angry but she always puts a smile on my face. I snapped out of my thoughts when someone called me I got up and answered

"It's Frimzy"

"Hey Frimzy do remember me" when I hear the voice I remember who it was... It was my old best friend Jack we become enemies when we were just kids because our dad used to be best friends but they started fighting over some gang stuff so now his son has taken over and Same with me, I hate him he has been trying to break me down for the past 3 years

" what do you want jack"

"Haha Frimzy you know what I want! You got yourself a really pretty girl"

"If you even think about touching her your dead okey"

"Hahhah we will see about that" he just laughed and then hung up I was so mad at this moment and I was actually a bit worried and Sandra I know what this guy is almost worse than me his gang is maybe the 3 months dangerous in the world and my gang is the most dangerous gang ever the police don't even fuck with us

Sandra's pov

Jose got up because he got a call and walked around in the big living room I heard him say
"If you even think about touching her your dead okey" I got a bit scared after the call he keeps walking around and suddenly he just takes a chair and throws it a through the living room I got up and walked up to him

"Hey baby was wrong"
He just look at me with a confused look

"Did you just call me baby?"

"Wait what I did"

"Yeah, but it just a really old friend Jack he is just messing around"

"Jose please don't lie to me I heard what you said now tell me what is going on!!"

" okey umm for the past 3 years he has been trying to break me down like he said been threatening me and now he knows about you and I think he is going to try take you because he knows that you are my weakness"

"Ohh hmm I just want you to know that it not going to happen!!! And ur weakness what do you mean?"

"Sandra I like you a lot! I'm going to just ask you will you be my girlfriend?"

" what! Omg yes" I kissed him

"I'm sorry for dragging you into this"

"It okay because this has made me realize that this is who I am I was born in a gang so I'm never going to have a normal life and I want to thank you for making me realize that"

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