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*Warning sexual chapter*

We got really and was on our way to the shooting range and I couldn't stop thinking about what happened earlier today I think I like him.

As we got to the shooting range I picked up my gun and start shooting and when the target come back I could see that I missed almost every one but 2 som Jose said the he would show me and then help me I watch him pick up his gun, he did even look he just shoot and when the target came back he did miss any I was impressed by him, he definitely know what he is doing then he helps me

"Here just like this and remember to breathe" he showed me and he was sanding really close to me! And I shoot and when the target come back I did miss any I was really surprised

"How" I look at him really confused

"You were too tense and it makes ur gun shake so if you take a deep breath ur nerves will calm down and it makes it easier to hold ur gun in control"

"Ohh thanks" I said look at him, we trains for maybe 1 hour and then he decided that it was enough for today so we got in the car and drove off, halfway through the way home I could feel someone's hand on my thigh I look at Jose and he just keeps his eyes on the road and his hand
moved slowly up towards my heat, I got nervous but I liked it, I decided to tease him a little bit I took my hand and start palming him through his pants I could see that I had a effect on him, he groaned and I just smile but as we pulled up to the house he got out and opened the door for me and just walked inside and when we were close to him bedroom he just pushed me against the wall

"Are you going to play that game" he looked at me his eyes darkened full of lust. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and open the door to his bedroom then he puts me down, then he lays down on top of me and start kissing my neck I pulled off my shirt and sweet pants, Jose reattached his lips to me slowly moving from my neck down to the rim of my panties leaving love bites every time his lips contacted my skin. Couple minutes later we both were naked, you felt him line himself up with your entrance. You looked up at him with doe eyes, and he smiled gingerly as he leaned down to kiss your neck, he began rocking his hips into yours, you were a moans mess, and even more from him. "Fuck babygirl, you're so tight, So tight and wet for me" He panted, palming your breasts gently, despite fucking you rather roughly. "Harder, Baby." You managed to whimper out, As you whined as he rocked his hips faster, causing you to arch into him. "Such a beautiful girl." He moaned as he trailed one hand over your curves, using the other one to grip your hip tightly
"I'm gonna come, Jose, I can't hold it." You whimpered, he started to circle my clit with his finger. His thrusts mixed with that sent me over the edge again and I couldn't control myself as I let go and my orgasm took over me. As I did Jose let out a deep throaty groan and I felt him release into the condom as he slowed down his thrusts.

"Wow that was amazing" he lays down next to me

"Yeah" I smiled at him he took his arms around me and we both feel asleep

This is my first time writing a sexual chapter.. I'm sorry if it terrible 😂

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