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Lena's p.o.v

When we arrived at the set, Ella ran up to me and hugged me thight. LENA! Long time not seen! Ella! Haha I know! Nice to see you again!

Oh hey Jace. Heeyyy Ella! what a nice suprise to see you here! Why are you even here? You could hear the sarcasm in his voice. Well, I act in a show called Henry Danger. What about you? Same!
We all burst out in laughing. Lena? I turn around to see how's calling my name. Cooper? I giggle. Nice to be back. I haven't seen them for 2 weeks. We were all really busy and there is going to be a new season of Henry Danger soon too.

A producer showed up. Are you guys coming with me for the make up? Yep let's go. Ella said.
Jace and I were walking behind and I asked Jace about earlier. Jace? Yeah?
What I wanted to say at the kitchen island, Is something bothering you?
Uh no. Not really. Just busy with things. He smiled at me. Are you for sure? Yeah really sure. Ok, just tell me if something's wrong cause that's what we are best friends for.

Jace's p.o.v

Cause that's what we are best friends for. Friends... Did she just hinted me or something?
Sure you know that I tell you everything right?
All lies.
Shall we go to the park after shooting? I tried to hang out with her somewhere nobody could interrupt us.
Ok yeah I'd love to! She looked up at me with her hazel brown eyes and her bright white smile... Fuck.
She's beautiful..

Wow what? I was looking around to see who said Lena's name. That question was anwserd soon when I saw Riele running up to Lena and almost jumped on her. Well, they fell on the ground... Hugging. Oh wish that was me. Hey Riele nice to see you! Sorry haha I didn't mean to tackle you! It's fine Riele haha.
When shooting was done I walked to my locker to get my things.

Jace. I surprisingly turned around to see Lena's beautiful face. Heyy I thought you were catching up to Riele? She needed to go so, we can go earlier. That didn't bother me at all.
Ok let's go! I grabbed her hand and we walked to the park. We were messing around with eachother until I slipped and fell on the ground. Wow Jace? Are you okay? She was worried. I liked that about her. She was so caring.. But everything about her is perfect.
I'm fine thanks boboo. She held her hand out to help me up. Instead of taking her hand, I pulled her down next to me. Jace! I tried to help you! We started laughing. Again. Whe laughed alot. We layed there for about 10 minutes when she asked if I wanted to come to her house.
WELL YEAH OFCOURSE I WANT TOO! Yeah ok. I need to try to sound casual but I couldn't hide a little bit happiness in my voice. Luckily, she didn't notice. We can Netflix and Chill? I looked at her. Good plan! We walked over to her house.
She picked a film while I grabbed some snacks. We snuggled on the chouch together when the film started. Why couldn't this moment last forever? Like really, having her so close to me is such a nice feeling.

Should I put a arm around her? Ok I'll do it. I didn't want to punch her in the face or something. I slowly reached for her shoulder and put my hand on it. She snuggled into my chest. A electric shock went through my body...
I Think i'm in love again....
I need to use the toilet. She released from my grip and walked to the toilet. I paused the film and stared at the TV. Suddenly, I hear her phone ringing.
Curiousity taking over, I pick it up and look at the screen. A text message. From... Blake? Who's Blake? She never told me about him? It read:
From: Blake💘
To: You
Heyy I'm excited for tomorrow night! ❤

WHAT THE.. Oh crap, she's back. And she caught me...
Jace what are you doing?

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