Will you be my Girlfriend?

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((Alesa's POV))

After Adam's friends, Ross, Max and (Y/N), left Adam asked if I wanted to go to dinner with him sometime. I told him I'd love to. He said it could turn into a double date. But he never told me who the second couple was. Hopefully they're just as nice as, Ross, (Y/N) and Max.

((Max's POV))

Okay..I might be rushing. But seriously, she said the 3 words everyone wants to hear in their life. I have to ask her out. Adam said he asked Alesa on a date and invited me to bring (Y/N). If she says yes.

She was editing a video for Ross. Sense we got her a desk and everything. I thought it would be rude to just ask her out in the middle of her editing something. So I sat at my desk and edited one of Adam's videos while I waited.

"Max, Max, Max, Max, Max, Max, Max, Max!"

"What..?" I said annoyed

I turned around and saw Adam with a camera in my face.

"Get the camera, out of my face.." I told him

"What are you doing?" he asked

"I'm editing. One of your videos. So if you want it done, leave me alone." I explained

"When did Mad Max come out?"

"Adam shut up. I'm not mad, in just stressed right now." I said

"Let me restate that question then..When did stressed Max come out?" Adam asked

"It doesn't matter. Get out of my office, or bother (Y/N)" I said as I started working again.

He pulled me out of my office.

"Is it because your scared to ask (Y/N) out on the double date?" he asked

"Kinda..But I'm fine. I'll ask her when she's done editing Ross' video."

"You heard it first everyone. Max is asking (Y/N) out!" Adam said pointing the camera at him. "Now we go mess with Barney!"

Then he walked over to Barney's office and I walked back into mine.

(Y/N) was now on her phone, playing FNAF (If you hate FNAF change the game)

'Come on Max, you can do this' I thought

"Hey (Y/N)..? Can I ask you a question?" I asked

"Sure." She said pausing the game. "What's up?"

"Well..I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me..and be my actual girlfriend?" I asked, reaching in my pocket for a gold necklace with a Z charm on it just like mine I got her.

"Are you serious?" She asked


"Of couse I'll be your girlfriend!" she said

I grabbed the necklace out of my pocket and handed it to her, and she put it on.

"I love it.." she said looking down at her necklace

"Good..and about the date. Its gonna be a double date. If that's okay with you.."

"Double Date it is then." she said

Then Adam walked in with his camera still "I SHIP IT!" He yelled

"You know that the longer the video is the longer it will take for me to edit it, right?" I asked

"I know! Oh and by the way, you guys would be so cute together!" Adam said

"Well guess what?!" (Y/N) said walking up to Adam and shoving the charm on her necklace in his face the best she could. "Look!"

"OMG...DID HE ASK YOU OUT?!" Adam Yelled

"Yes!" She said walking back over to me taking my hat that I usally wear off and putting it on. (If you don't know what hat I'm talking about it's the black one he has with that white stripe in da middled))

I could tell Adam was waiting for me to get mad for her taking my hat. But she's my girlfriend now, so I'm not going to get mad at her.

"Max..? Are you okay..?" he asked

"I'm fine." I told him

"You know she took your hat.., Right?" He asked

"I know," I said

"Hey Adam," (Y/N) said trying to change the subject, she looked at me, "Watch this.."

She then pinned me against the wall and kissed me, it was amazing..it wouldn't stop.


Jin and Barney then came running in my/(Y/N)'s office.

"What?" they asked

"You guys owe me some money.." Adam said pointing to us.

"Hows much agains?" Barney asked

"Barney, 12. Jin, 50." Adam explained

"I'll pay you by Friday," Jin said

"Here.." Barney said, handing Adam some money, as Adam put it in his pocket

"Wait..is (Y/N) wearing Max's hat? And his necklace?!" Jin asked

"I know it's his hat, but I don't know if it's his necklace." Adam said

Then we pulled away from the kiss, Only because we need to breathe.

"One thing...You guys betted on us?" (Y/N) asked

"Not exactly.. Jin betted you and him to date first, Barney betted you and Ross, and I betted you and Max." Adam explained

"Oh. And before I forget..Can I have my hat back now?" I asked

"Nope!" She said running out of our office

"She'll be back," I said sitting at my desk

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