Musical Seduction chpt. 1 Seduced

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I personally find this story embarrassing and amateur.
If you agree .. Good on you for telling the truth ! Haha.
I am currently re-writing this story so please bare with me ...

Excuse the typo's [:

In all the chapters Lol.

I just cant see my own mistakes when I make them

Hahaa...Otherwise enjoy...


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The clouds wept up above, sprinkling GreatWood with cool rain.
Inside, GreatWood Prep was toasty and warm,
If I hadn't looked out the unnecessarily large window, I woudn't have noticed. I examined the ashen tone of my skin with a frown. I amost looked ghost-like. All of the other students with bright and colorful tans but for some reason when I tried on the fake lotion. I just looked wrong. Like a deformed oompa loompa.

Kenny slept beside me in his olive glory, snoring. He had his long, lean body stretched out over the seat. I kicked him beneath the table, my burgundy curls swishing around with the movement. He sneered at the giggles that bubbled out from my mouth.

"Nap time later, grandma."

He wiped away a speck of drool with the back of his hand.
This was the norm. Sitting, sleeping, snoring, whispering but there was never any learning. That day was the first I'd noticed the weather all spring. GreatWood weather was known for its rapid moodswings. The previous day, we had the sunniest of sunny days.

Kenny leant forward, glancing at me wearily. "What'd I miss?" 

"Nothing much," I shrugged. "Just a bunch of mathematical babble."

As you could probably tell, I loathed maths with a vengeance. It was the one thing I couldn't conquer. Over the past year or so, I'd fallen behind in just about everything. I used to be your average teen barbie - part of the cheer squad, I dated the quarter back and belonged to honour classes.

It wasn't that case anymore. I had torn myself out of the honour classes, dumped the quarter back, and left the cheer squad. It was all a con to get my parents to notice me. I had all that a girl could ask for. A few million dollars to my name, great friends and shoes to die for. Yet that happy factor just wasn't there. Unfulfilled was the way to describe myself.

I pulled a lock of hair from its counterparts and twisted it between my fingers. Nothing much seemed to please me those days.

"So what does Y equal?" Mr. Whateverhisnameis questioned.

I crossed my fingers.
        Don't ask me.
                    Don't ask me.

He asked me alright. "Baby, we  haven't heard from you since what, yesterday?"

"Um. Yeah?" What was this guy getting at?

I saw Kenny quickly decipher the equation on the board.

Mr. Whateverhisnameis raised his brow. "I'll repeat myself," He said. "What does Y equal?"

He tapped his pen on the equation.

"500," Kenny offered, between a fake cough.


I jumped from the unexpected bell. Slow to follow everyone else out of the room. The polished floors, you could no longer see, past the sea of students. I pulled my cell phone out roughly, frustrated. I was so glad the day was over, and could almost feel the soap suds on my back as I lay in the bath.

It had been a dramatically slow day and my knees were getting ready to buckle out from beneath me with exhaustion.

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