Chapter Twenty-One

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Gold and Chasing Silhouettes’ new single hit number one on the iTunes chart within five hours of it being released. The song title— Not Another Love Story— had been trending world wide on Twitter. A few news stations had even mentioned in their afternoon check-ins. But none of that surprised me.

            What did surprise me, however, was the song.

            I’d been trying to hold off hearing it until I could listen to it for the first time with Gold, but Chloe had practically forced me too, by barging into my dorm room and searching it on Youtube. She had been blabbing to me excitedly about something, but I wasn’t really listening. The moment I heard it though, I thought my heart was going to stop beating. My hands were shaking so hard I could barely hit Rian’s name in my contacts list on my phone. I ended up almost calling Rachel six times before I hit his name. Right now he was at a radio station with the rest of the band, getting ready to make an appearance on a popular radio show to help publicize the new single. My brother was there too, since Rian and he would be the guest speakers.

            “Iris!” Rian greeted happily when he answered his phone.

            “It’s about me!” I said breathlessly, my heart beating rapidly in my chest. “You guys… you guys wrote a song about me!”

            Rian laughed. “That only took you about six hours to figure out!”

            “I just heard it,” I told him, my eyes glancing at the laptop, where the lyric video was playing again.

            “Is that Rian?” Chloe asked. “Rian! Holy shit! You wrote a song about her!”

            “Is that Chloe?” Rian questioned. “She sounds excited.”

            I shook my head. “Rian— why? Why would you write a song about me? There’s so many other topics…”

            “Well, it’s not technically about you…”

            My eyes widened. “What? But—”

            “It’s just based off you,” he explained, and I figured he was grinning by the sound of his voice. “Luke thought it would be a good idea to make a song about our experience this year, and we haven’t wrote a song about a girl in awhile, so I figured why not you?”

            “It’s… It’s…” I was speechless. Never would I have ever thought Gold would write a song about me… “Amazing,” I finally said. “I’m really touched. I can’t believe it. It’s such a hit already— and it’s based of me. I never thought I could be that interesting.”

            Rian tsked. “Iris, you’ve always been that interesting.” There was a pause. Then, “But do you like the song?”

            I barked out a laugh. “What? Of course I do!”

            “Ah, that makes me feel so relieved.”

            “My brother’s band and my boyfriend’s band sung a song about me. How could I not like it? It’s going to be my favorite song for life.”

            “And make Gold your new favorite band?”

            Smiling, I rolled my eyes. “Give that up.”

            “Never,” he said solemnly. “Listen, I have to go now. Time for me and your brother’s big radio appearance.”

            “Good luck,” I said.

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