Chapter #2

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The hunter crouched down next to the cervitaur, and Dipper could only suspect the worst.

He couldn't see anything, his eyes clenched shut, afraid to face his attacker. He felt a hand run gently down his flank. Wait... that was strange.. the hand was shaking. Well, Dipper guessed the adrenaline coursing through the hunter's vains was at fault for that.
After the ringing in the cervitaur's ears ceased, he thought he heard panicked breathing.
Dipper struggled to open an eye, then the other. Risking a glance up at the hunter's face, he was surprised at what he saw.
Slightly tanned skin, most likely from being outside a lot, like himself. Blonde hair stuck up in all directions from the marathon the cervitaur had made him run. Sweat covered forehead, mouth panting breathes in and out and eyes.. or eye, he could say. One covered by an eye patch. The one eye that was visible, though, was a brilliant unnaturally gold yellow; it actually looked kind of cat like- but he ignored that.
The hunter's brows are creased in worry. Now, that was certainly strange.
Dipper shifted, twisting his neck at an awkward angle to see the damage. It didn't look as bad as it felt, but there was a lot of blood, and he meant a lot. In fact, he was starting to feel dizzy and light-headed.
Dipper rested his head back on the ground, feeling no danger in the air anymore. The hunter may have harmed him before, but now he just looked plain concerned.
His eyes half lidded and mind feeling fuzzy, the cervitaur snuggled his body slightly into the warmth of hunter's body still kneeled next to him. It wouldn't matter if he took a nap, right? Just a short one. If his instincts were telling him he was tired, then he was going to sleep, and that was that. Dipper felt his eyes slip closed.
"No, no, you have to stay awake!"
He heard the hunter exclaime loudly, followed by a gentle shake of his shoulder. Dipper just grunted and ignored him, yawning silently.
"Come on, now! Stay with me!"
was all the cervitaur heard before he gratefully slipped into unconsciousness.

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