Chapter 9: Court Dates

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            Just as the doctor predicted, the next month, my water broke. Turns out labor is about the worst pain you can ever feel. Dimitri sat next to me in a chair and held my hand as I tried to breathe through the contractions.

"Mrs. Belikova, your family is here." The nurse said, revealing my parents in the doorway. My mother hurried to me.

"Oh, my baby!" She said as she touched my face.

"Hey. How're you guys?" I asked.

"Fine, you're the one having a baby."

"Two, remember." I laughed as Dimitri looked like he'd doze off.

"How bad are the contractions?" Mom asked.

"It feels like there are people jumping up and down on my uterus." She laughed.

"Roza, I'm going to go get some coffee. I'll be back in a minute." Dimitri said as he stood.

"Okay." He kissed me and then my forehead quickly.

"How long have you been here?" Dad asked.

"Since three this morning." I yawned. I wanted these babies OUT.

Dimitri's POV

          I walked down to the vending machine and got any drink containing caffeine. I heard several familiar voices as I got my coffee.

"Hello, Dimka." Tasha said as she hung off the arm of my father. I was repulsed. I also saw Lissa and her bunch.

"What are you doing here, Randall?" I asked coldly.

"I went to see Olena and my daughters and she told me that your wife was in the hospital."

"What do you want?" I asked, sipping my soda.

"To see my third grandchild."

"And fourth. You never cared about any of us before so why now? Your majesty, Rose is in room 304." Even Lissa and Tasha were both showing in the early stages of pregnancy. Except Tasha was showing my youngest sibling.

"Wow, twins?"

"Yes. Now I'm going back to my wife."

"What is your objection to me?" My father asked as I walked to Rose's room. I froze.

"My objection? You beat my mother for thirteen years in front of all of us. Even when she was pregnant with your children, but did you ever care? No! You have no right to even mention any of us let alone try to communicate with us." I snapped.

"Dimitri!" I heard my mother's voice as I glared down at my father. I backed away from my father and walked to my mother.

"Hello, Mama." I said.

"Hi. Now, stop trying to glare down your father and go to Roza." Mama said.

"Ma." I groaned.

 "What? Do you want me to tell Roza that you don't want to be with her?"

"Of course I want to be with her. I love her. You know what I meant."

"Don't you get that tone with me, boy. You may be grown, but you know how you talk to me." Mama scolded.

"Yes, ma'am." I walked to Rose's room and smiled to see her and her father in debate over something about clothes."

"I will dress my children in whatever colors I want. Mom dressed me in blue when I was little."

"To keep all the boy toddlers away. But for two powerful twin sisters, you should dress them in red or black."

"Da--" She stopped talking and sucked in a deep breath.

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