Happy Birthday

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Okay before you read this its me, I just wanted to say that I wrote this book in the beginning when I like really sucked at punctuation and stuff basically when I was a little younger...so...you can like skip these sucky chapters that are terrible.
                         P.S I sucked at writing smut.

Dipper's Pov
M-Mabel are you sure I look good? "Of course you do bro bro! You always do! Now let's go out there and show them how handsome and beautiful we look!"

Mabel was pushing me out of my room giggling. She was very excited about this day because its our 17th birthday and all of our friends and family came and brought so many presents for us.

We walked down stairs where our family was Grunkle Stan, Ford, Soos, Wendy, Candy, and Grenda. Even though Wendy, Soos, Candy and Grenda are just our friends we still call us a family.


"Thanks guys" me and Mabel said smiling.

"Candy!! Grenda!! You guys made it!" Mabel squealed. "Hey can you kids keep it down... I'm trying to watch my favorite show." Grunkle Stan was watching babies fight or something and was yelling, "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!"

"Hey dudes me and soos got you guys some presents" Wendy said.

Thanks Wendy and-

Then someone came bursting through the door yelling, and of course it was Bill. "Sorry pinetree...I forgot...what time...it was." He was taking deep breaths from running here. "I'm s-woah." He gasped "Dipper you look s-so...amazing"

He smiled and walked up to me and gave me a hug and whispered in my ear. "And by amazing I mean sexy~" he smirked. I blushed not knowing what to do.

Until I laughed nervously, "hey uh guys about the cake.." Mabel yelled out loud, "I call ice cream cake!!!" Then I yelled out," I do too!!" We ran to the kitchen and bill followed, we looked for the ingredients but couldn't find any.

"Hey great uncle ford where's the chocolate ice cream and the other ingredients!!" Mabel whined.

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