{After C. Week} Chapter Thirty-One: Fiancé

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This is now after New Years & Christmas week :)

Rogue's POV

I laid in bed, next to my now fiancé.

It's the day after I proposed. The first day of the new year and the first day of being engaged to Kagura. I couldn't be more ecstatic. Well, I possibly could.

I couldn't believe it. I have her all to myself now. She was all mine. No one else could take her away from me.

I couldn't care less about what others said. If anyone doesn't approve, I won't care. Kagura has been the only person to make me feel this happy and make me feel this way. She made me feel what's it like to fall in love.

"Good morning." Greeted a familiar sleepy voice said.

I looked to my side to see Kagura looking at me with gentle eyes that looked as if they still wanted to remain closed. Her face was paler than usual due to just waking. (Does anyone else experience this when they just wake up? Or is it just me?)

"Good morning, beautiful," I smiled and faced her, pushing a few strands of her long, dark, hair behind her ear.

"Well, that's a first." She gave a small chuckle.

I simply smiled back at her in reply.

She came closer to me and in a millisecond, I could feel her soft, cool lips against my scarred nose. My smile stayed in its place, not ready to fade just yet.

She drew back slightly, keeping the distance between us to a minimum, enjoying each and every moment together.

"Get up!" A small exceed in a frog costume crawled in between us, breaking our closeness.

"Frosch!" Kagura welcomed him and took him in her arms.

"Kagura... Can you make me another promise?" I gulped, scared that I might be asking for too much.

She looked in my direction, looking me in the eye while raising a brow. "Of course..."

"Don't you ever leave me for a year like that again... Please." I pleaded.

Timeskip to a day before the wedding

"Kagura... A day from now, you will no longer be my fiancé..." I gently my face into the crook of the swordswoman's neck as my arms wrapped around her waist. Kagura faced the mirror, just finishing the knot in her usual ribbon and I was against her from behind.

"I'm aware." She smiled, turning her head so she faced me. Gently, she kissed my forehead. "And might I add I'm very excited for it."

I couldn't expressed how overjoyed I was. Nowadays, I don't even know how life was like without her.

She was one of the things I need in life. I never thought I could love anyone, especially after Skiadrum. I was too much of a cold hearted person. But, she made the impossible become possible.

"Kagura... I can't express this enough. I love you... so much..." I kissed her passionately.

Sparks lit up from within me, total bliss spread across me. Dopamine coursing through my veins and arteries (if you're unaware of what dopamine is, it's the feel good chemical).

"So who have you invited to the wedding?" She asked.

"Sting is my best man, I have Natsu, Gajeel, and Rufus, as my groomsmen. I put a twist and had two people as the ring bearers, them being Frosch and Sora-chan." I smiled.

"That's a good twist." She smiled in return. "I made Erza the Maid of Honor. Milliana, Yukino, and Risley are the bridesmaids. I got to know
Sora-chan's friends and they seemed so sweet and kind that I had to make the flower girls! There's 4 of them, just so you know."

*I haven't done my research about the roles in a wedding so I'm so sorry if I missed any. I might revise it, depending.*

"I'm glad. We don't know many children so it's nice that we actually have them as flower girls." I said gleefully.

I couldn't believe all of this was happening tomorrow. I couldn't believe my whole life would now be intertwined with Kagura's in matter of one single day. It was all surreal. Too good to be true.

"Kagura... Please don't leave me." I gulped, pulling her closer than she already was.

"I won't. Please don't leave me either."

"I won't. And that's a promise."

Author's Note:
SORRY IF THERE ARE ANY ERRORS, I just really needed to post this so I can write the wedding chapter.

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