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Emily's POV

I opened my eyes slowly and was grateful for the darkness that invited me. I wasn't quite ready for any bright lights just yet. My body screamed out in pain and I groaned quietly, shifting out of the position I was in. I pulled back the covers and glanced back down at the ugly white plaster on my stomach.

Bile rose to the back of my throat as the images came flashing back to me, the gunshot, Jake's screams and then darkness.

Complete darkness.

It made sense that I was in a hospital room. The smell was clear in the air and I was hooked up to several different machines. The steady beeps and my breathing were the only sounds in the dark room. DC Jones face flashed through my mind and I immediately began to shake, my hands trembling in fear.

Calm down Emily, you're safe now.

Was I safe? Was DC Jones locked up? Did Jake kill him? Where was Jake?

I looked around the room and noticed a few get well soon cards perched neatly on my bedside table. There was also a jug of water with an empty glass that I was extreme grateful for considering my throat felt like sandpaper. This didn't look like a regular hospital room, there were paintings hung up on the walls and wooden furniture which gave it a homely vibe. The smell of disinfectant wasn't so strong in here however still hung in the air.

I sat up slowly, careful not to put too much pressure on my lower stomach.

        I can't believe I've actually been shot.

It was insane and stung like an absolute bitch. I gritted my teeth as pain instantly flared up and panted from the effort of finally being able to sit up.

My arm stretched out for the jug and I poured myself a glass of water, spilling it a little from the nervous shake in my arms. The instant it touched my lips it felt heavenly. I chugged it down quickly feeling like I'd been dehydrated for years.

How long was I even out for?

I set the glass back down and noticed Jake's jacket in the chair next to me. His jacket was here so where was he? I sighed and looked around for my phone with no luck.

Great, I guess I'll have to wait.

Jake's POV -

I hesitated, unsure of whether I was making the right decision. The flashbacks of that night wouldn't stop playing over and over in my head and I needed it to stop. I felt like I was slowly going downright bonkers.

"Do you want it or not?" He asked impatiently handing out the small bag containing the white pills inside. I nodded and handed over the money before pocketing the bag. He nodded at me before turning and walking away quickly, eager to get away from the scene.

I immediately felt more at ease knowing my relief was in my pocket, on stand by ready for when I needed it. My hand felt it's way inside my pocket and I fiddled with the bag between my fingers.

Was I making the right choice?

I closed my eyes and sighed heavily, a few months ago I wouldn't have even hesitated swallowing the pills with no doubt.

A few months ago I didn't know Emily existed.

I turned around and walked back through the hospital doors making my way through the route I had now memorised. I pushed open the door leading to the private rooms and headed for number 52, the one Emily was in.

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