Chapter 4

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*Chapter 4 Nick's P.OV*


Suddenly Val feel. Jace picked her up.

"She needs her rest. It's been quite a day for her. She's staying with us at our place. Also Phoenix bud when you have calmed down. Feel free to stop by. I have a feeling she would want to see you," Jace said. He nodded.

"Bye Ace," We said. We got on our bikes. Jace put her on my bike. He arms wrapped around my waist. She hugged me. We pulled out and sped home. In five minute we were home. We got off. The Jace got a call.

"We need to get to the base. Some of our people have been attacked. Hunter, Nick come with me. Ryder can you get V," He muttered. Ryder nodded. I handed Val to Ryder. He walked inside with her. We got on our bikes and headed to our bases.

*Ryder P.O.V*

I walked upstairs and put her in her bed. I tucked her in and was about to leave when she grabbed my hand. She started crying and whimpering in her sleep. I pulled up a chair and sat down.

"Shhhh. It's okay," I whispered. I started humming. She calmed down. Soo my eyes couldn't stay away. So I fell asleep.

*10:00 A.M*

It was 10 in the morning. I got up and walked to my room. I showered, brushed my teeth, flossed, used mouth wash. I put on my blue aero shirt, jeans, and my black nike. I spiked my hair. Then I washed my hands and then walked to Val's room. She got up. She looked at me then back at the ground.

"He hates me Ryder. I feel it. I know he does," She whispered. I walked to her. I sat by her bed and hugged her.

"Princess. He doesn't hate you. He's just confused and doesn't know what to do," I answered.

"He hasn't been by my side for 2 years now. Even though he's back. He's still gone," She cried. I rubbed her back as she cried into my chest. I heard footsteps and the door close. I wiped her tears away.

"Why don't you go take a shower and freshen up," I asked. She nodded. She grabbed her phone and walked into her room. Phoenix, Jace, Nick and Hunter walked in.

"Where is she," Jace asked.

"I told her to freshen up. Once she woke up," I said.

"What happened to your shirt. Its damp wet dude," Hunter laughed. Nick snickered.

"Get your minds outof the gutter. My shirt's wet because she started crying into my chest and now this to my shirt," I said. I heard the shower turn off. I sat down on her bed.

"She's coming out. Why don't you wait downstairs," I said. They nodded and left. She walked out.

"I'll leave so you can change," I said.

"No it's fine. I'm wearing shorts and a tank top under my robe," she whispered. She hung her robe up to dry and put on a my hoodie that I had left in here. I looked at her amused.

"It smells like the woods and fire," She smiled. I chuckled. She sat down next to me. She put her head in my lap. I patted her hair. She looked at the ceiling.

"Its nice and calm," She smiled.

"Yea well the idiots aren't here to make a racket every 4 seconds. Also Roxanne is at Ashlynn's house. She's having a 3 day sleepover," I said. She nodded.

"Did you miss him," I asked.

"More than anything. I still do. Our bond is faltering. I don't feel him next to me anymore," She said. I frowned.

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