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Lena's p.o.v

Why are you looking at me like that Leen? Nothing I wasn't expecting you this early, you always stay in bed till I drag you out of it. No that's not true! I was just hungry ok? She searched through the cupboards and fridge for food. I really need to buy some food. They are almost empty! I laughed, I just couldn't help it. I'm going to put on my clothes I just need food.

Food is life. She stated.
Okay that's true I giggled.

Are you coming with me Leen? Uhm.. I looked at Jace. He quickly looked away. That was weird. I don't know what's wrong with him nowadays. He is so.. not here. I think something is bothering him.. I should ask him soon. Yeah uh yeah I'll come with you. There are some cereals over there Tim. I pointed at the almost empty box cereals. Okay I have no choice I guess. Where did you even get the eggs, bacon and sausages from? Well, you have a fridge...
So you guys ate all the food what was left? Yep and...I.. I'm really hungry. Yentl grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the kitchen. Woah, why don't you let me finish my sentence? Sorry but I'm more important then Tim now.

Seriously, I really love Yentl but sometimes she can really be a bitch. I think she's on her period or something. You need to be careful with what you say to her cause she can be really grumpy in the morning.

Yentl was wearing sweatpants (probably Tim's) and a sweater. I borrowed a shirt and shorts from her.
We quickly changed clothes. I just grabbed my clothes from yesterday. And we did our make up. (Outfits on the photo ^) ready? Yep. I grabbed my purse and we headed downstairs. The supermarket was just around the corner so we can walk. We soon arrived at the supermarket.

 She walked straight to the frozen food section. What is she going to do there?
She held something in her hand. Pizza?!
Yentl! It's morning!
What? this one has tomatoes on it. That's healthy. Ok whatever. Sometimes I don't know how to handle Yentl. She is a little bit weird. But I'm weird to so I'll just shut up. I glanced at my phone. It's 10 now. Still 2 hours to go. I love to come along when Jace has to shoot. The rest of the cast are such nice people. They constantly prank eachother. I'm kinda scared that I'll be victim soon to. 

Lena do you want pizza to? No I just had breakfast thanks. Are you done? Yeah, just need to grab some drinks and I'm done. Can you get some cereals? Ok. 

I walk to the cereals. I'm still not used to how many different flavours they have. I just never now what I should get. Waffle crisp is Yentl's favourite. I don't have one I try out different flavours everytime. Okay enough about cereals. I walk back to Yentl. There you go. Thank you Leen. Shall we go? Yep. 

 I wonder what Tim and Jace talk about when we aren't home. I think the talk about asses.. she had a smile plasterd on her face. I giggle. Yep I think so.

 When we got home Jace and Tim looked over at us. So what did you get yourself?

Pizza duh.

In the morning?

Yeah why not?

They both burst out in laughing. Why would you eat pizza for breakfast? Jace cried because of the laughing. Tim walked over to Yentl and wrapped his arms around het and kissed her on her forehead. And there you have it. They start making out. Jace was laying on the ground still finding it really funny.

GET A ROOM! I yelled at them.

Jealous much? No not really.

We hanged out for a bit. So how is your pizza Yentl? Jace asks Yentl laughing. Rally goohgd. She had her mouth stuffed with pizza. She looked like a hamster.

Lena we need to go. Jace was looking at me like he was in a hurry. Let me get my things. I hugged Tim and Yentl goodbye and we were off.

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