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Hi Guys,

How's everyone doing? I would like to apologize for the grammatical and typographical errors in the book. I know a lot are saying that this is a crappy book and I understand why; and since plenty are complaining about all the errors and stuff, I am asking you guys for help. 

There were some who posted on my message board that they want to help me in editing he book and so here it is. 

Whoever is interested to help me in editing, please take note of the following:

Social Media Accounts (Twitter, facebook):


Tell my I should trust you in helping me edit my book

Asking for help from other people is risky on my part because a few weeks/month ago, there a was a comment hat there was a person who plagiarized my book and I was angry,  like who wouldn't be mad if you find out that someone violated the copyrights of your book, right? I am still looking for the person who plagiarized my book. If there are some who doesn't know what plagiarism is, it is using or copying the works of other without permission nor acknowledgement and who ever gets caught plagiarizing shall face legal consequences. 

Anyways for those who are willing to edit this book, you can message me here or on my other social media accounts below: 

Twitter: @patalipat 

Facebook: Facebook.com/iamshishie

or you can email me at: patricia.alipat@icloud.com

This will be until the 30th of April 2016.

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