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Pen Your Pride


you: ( looking into the bedroom, you see princeton asleep again)

you: babe?


you: Babe!?

jacob: ive bin up what are you talking about

you: huh?

jacob: oh umm nothing... i was just thinking about what to wear

you: yeah sure you were

jacob: (smiles  insolently )

you: (laughing) well get up, forreals this time thow ok? 

jacob: ha ok well

At the funeral..

*your entire family is there.*

you: ( saying hi to everyone)

aunt: who is this? (points at jacob)

you: umm hes my...... friend..

aunt: oh.... so friends hold hands now?

you: ummm (gets cut off)

aunt: its ok, i dont mind if you have a boyfriend

you: oh well then yeah hes my boyfriend

aunt: well its nice to meet you...

jacob: its jacob, nice to meet you to

aunt: well i have to get back to everyone so dont get in trouble (your name!)

you: (smiles) ok

during the funeral

you:(start to cry)

jacob: (looks at you) are you ok babe?

you: no.. i miss my mom, n dad

jacob:(he feels really bad) im sorry babe ( hugs you tight)

you: jacob,.... thank you for being their for me

jacob: your welcome (still holding you)

after the funeral

you: (still sad)

jacob: come on im gonna take you somewhere 

you: were?

jacob: just get in the car you'll see

you: ok well

(he can drive, your '16 hes 17)

jacob: here put this on (hands you a blind fold)

you: babe im not in the mood or any suprises... just tell me where were going.

jacob: (frowns) please put it on?

you: ok well

the car stops

you: can i take it off?

jacob: nope.. hold on 

jacob: (opens your door) ok hold on to my hand so you dont fall

you: (laughing) were are we?

jacob: ok take it off

you (takes it off) oh my god!! 

jacob: you suprised?

you: yes! come on lets go

hmmmm i wonder were they went?????? :)

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